Surprise! You’ve hit my 1,000th post, time for a giveaway!

Updated: I’ve extended out the deadline to Friday August 21st!

We’ll it’s actually my 1002 to be exact, but who’s counting and who’s really paying that close attention?

I have been one of Box Tops for Education’s biggest fan since Game Boy was little. I’m a dedicated Box Top peeler and try to make it a point to purchase Box Top supported products. Every little bit helps to support education and the amenities that come with it!

The back to school frenzy is about to start and with that is getting all the necessary supplies one (or 3) needs to be ready. Box Tops is having a great sweepstakes for a few top of the list supplies, as well as some great free Box Top supported products like Totinos Pizza Rolls and Pillsbury Toaster Strudles. Great for an after school snack or quick breakfast. Oh.. and did I mention they are giving away this great Tops Package every week and including 5000 bonus box tops to send to any school of your choosing?
Check it out, sign up with Box Tops if you haven’t already and enter to win.

But wait that’s not all folks…that is not all!
MyBlogSpark also wants little old me to send you part of this great Tops Package. You’ll get the supplies, the coupons (you didn’t think they’d actually send you frozen treats in the mail did you?) for FREE toaster strudles as well as a FREE package of Totinos pizza rolls. I was amazed to get several packages of glue sticks and highlighters as part of the much needed supply list package. They also included a voucher for 10 bonus free box tops. Every item included in the pack participates in Box Tops for Education. All together you will be getting a good 24 box tops. Awesome!
All you have to do to win this lovely pack o prizes is tell me your favorite or worst first day of school memory. I will leave this contest open until Friday August 7th.


7 thoughts on “Surprise! You’ve hit my 1,000th post, time for a giveaway!

  1. Wow. I moved several times growing up (middle of 1st grade, between 5th and 6th grade, between 6th and 7th grade, in the middle of 9th grade…twice, between 9th and 10th grade, and in the middle of 11th grade). I have had so many first day’s of school that I have blocked them all out. Seriously. I remember the first day in 1st grade that I had to wear my glasses for the first time and how embarassed I was. Does that count?

  2. My favorite was my first day of Kindergarten. I remember my new dress and not being able to wait to give my teacher a present.


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  4. My best first day school memory was my senior year in high school when I wore a brand new dress & was given a ride to school in the morning by the guy I had a crush on!

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