Self Pity Comes At You Like A Slap In The Face

I’m going about my day minding my own business, when out of nowhere self pity rises up and slaps me in the face. Well I probably instigated it a little bit.
It’s hard not thinking about those lucky ducks who are going to the big “Blog” conference, getting pedicures, buying conference clothes, are sans children for a few days and living like sorority girls; while I’m here feeling like a zookeeper. I figured it’s time to dust off the gratitude journal again and get out of this pit of pity. Sad thing is, I’m feeling the gratitude tank is a bit on the E side. We can’t have that.

-I hadn’t mentioned this but I did win a $100 gift card to JC Penny from 5MinutesforMom last month. That /is a huge blessing and will really help with new school clothes and shoes. These boys are in desperate need of shoes, but lets not dwell on the negative, as that only brings us down. I’m looking to spend it wisely during No Tax Weekend in August.
-I’m making small progress on Purge Party ’09. I disinfected my washing machine yesterday which I hadn’t done ever, but I know should be done. Amazing what a cup or two of bleach will do during an entire empty washing.

-Grateful to you guys for keeping my chin up and helping me to trudge through this one day at a time. I can’t wait for the day I can sit back and relax and say; “wow that was a life changing experience!”

-I’ve really been impressed with the boys helping me out a lot lately. At least 1 if not all 3 have helped me out with dinner in someway every night. This grounding thing has been a blessing after all. We seriously haven’t even turned the TV on for a DVD all week.

-I’m so proud of Wonder Boy! He faced his fears and actually jumped into the pool the other day. We all were very shocked that he just up and did it on his own with out any coaxing. He’s always been just an easy does it going in kind of swimmer. So this was a huge step in progress for him!

Feeling much better already!


5 thoughts on “Self Pity Comes At You Like A Slap In The Face

  1. Oh Jean! I know exactly how you feel! First it was BlogFest last weekend and now, Blogher this week and I am SO jealous of everyone else! However, I AM spending as much of my free thinking time as I can figuring out a way for me to go next year… and that’s fun!
    I’m glad you’ve found such a good attitude about it!

  2. Glad you are keeping your chin up 🙂 I really wish I was at BlogHer too. *sniff* Maybe next year. I am looking forward to hearing where it is going to be when when they open up ticket sales and announce the details for 2010 this weekend. Fingers crossed– maybe we can go next year!

  3. I love the small blessings that God gives me to show that he cares. While he can take away our trials, he doesn’t because they help us grow. So he takes time to show he still loves us and knows what we are going through. Like your gift card. He knew you needed it the most.

    I love to purge. My hubby has a hard time because “we spent money on that and you are just going to get ride of it? What if we need it someday?” LOL I tell him we will just buy a new one and he goes nuts!

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