This Makes Things Interesting

Let’s all refresh our memories on what the WM247’s unemployment plan A is:

  • Move to Oklahoma and rent the ‘rents crazy cheap rental house.
  • We both find “decent” jobs to get us through until our ship sails in
  • We both take some online classes in the meantime to whip our resumes into shape and you know possibly encourage an even bigger ship to come in.

All of this (the move part anyway) to be accomplished by September 1st.
I’ve learned to swallow the big pill and not only accept this plan, but embrace it as if this was going to be the best thing ever for all of us. Remember I have issues with plans changing, especially with those plans I wasn’t thrilled with in the first place, but then learned to accept.

Plan B: Hubby gets job here in North Texas and we remain here as if this was all just one big family staycation and we laugh and reflect on all the great memories to much time we had together. Bonus I would still be getting my school in.

Now let’s throw a monkey wrench in those plans to spice things up a bit shall we?
C finally got a call back yesterday for an interview. The first one to call ever ( it really puts things in perspective when you put in 20 plus resumes and get 1 call back in 2 and half months time) They want him to come for the interview August 11th! Their located in North Texas, in fact their only about 20 minutes away -an awesome drive time compared to what he was doing.
Do you see how this makes things…interesting? Of course since it’s not even anything possible yet, we are still sticking with Plan A for now. These interview things take time, especially if he’s called back for a second interview and so on. It could be well into the beginning/middle of September before we would know anything.

This brings us to the most glaring problem of them all on this situation, the boys schooling. Sigh! ( warning this could get lengthy)

The kids “start” school August 24th in Tx. Oklahoma starts even earlier than that.  We decided instead of starting them in TX, only to pull them out a week maybe two weeks later, we would keep them out until we moved.

I’m going to make a stab at doing some heavy homeschooling in the meantime review, review review.  Do you see how a pain this would be if per say the hubs did get a job here. I’d have to enroll them again and they’d start late to their same school. Which would be odd but probably no big deal. Though I’d really like to start Bossy Boy’s kindergarten on the first day.  I hate for him to miss the important stuff like knowing the rules and routine along with the other kindergartners on the first few weeks. I feel this very imperative since he hasn’t had structured schooling in over a year and this could be overwhelming for him to start in the middle.  I realize that we could just go ahead and at least start them here even if it’s for one week…but I’m thinking we will probably be in the midst of packing, cleaning and headed that way in that week anyway (it is the last week of Aug).

Now on to if we move (which were sticking with plan A until the very last second)-

The schools in the town where we are moving are less than adequate. I hate to make that kind of statement but it’s true.  It’s a very poor community and 96% of the kids that go to the school my boys would be going to, qualify for free school lunch and only one grade passed with medial testing margins. The rest were very sub par.  I looked it up..I’m not just saying it to make them look/sound bad. I really hate saying things like that about a school, because I have my own soap box issues about standardized testing and judging off of that.

Needless to say, my mother also has issues with the school and this was before I even told her the stats. She’s already checking into private schools for the boys. She’s offered to help pay their tuition. I’m pretty sure my mother is the reigning grandmother of the year, do not even try to knock her from her crown, cause it won’t happen.

The question is, are there any private schools nearby with openings for 3 kids? Will I have to drive to timbucktu to get there? Will they be accommodating for Wonder Boy and his special needs?

My other option is to transfer them to the next town over. This option is the one I’m leaning and hoping toward the most. It also is a little town but so much better. I checked the test scores and all passed with medium to above average scoring. Here’s an added small bonus which really is to far out in the future to be certain, but I figure I should throw it out there anyway. Eventually when the boys would go to high school, they would be going to my old high school. You know if we actually stayed in one place for more than 5 years. Which most likely won’t happen cause who likes to stay in one place for all their life?

You can see my conundrum, my catch 22. We’re still taking this all one day at a time (very impatiently I might add). I’m pretty sure the big guy upstairs is having fun playing his little chess game with us. The funny thing is, he knows already how it ends.


5 thoughts on “This Makes Things Interesting

  1. Oh the stress! I’ll tell you that transferring is harder than one might think unless you know more than I do. I tried to transfer Alisha to Choctaw many moons ago and b/c she was on an IEP they said the district receives federal funds for her. Choctaw was, of course, glad to accept her transfer, however Mid-Del did not release her. So, we were stuck. You would have to get Spencer to release Wonder Boy, which would be hard. However you may be able to find a way to use your parents address and get them into Choctaw. Just have all mail and stuff sent there.

    As far as private school goes, I think you should look into the Montessori schools there. I’m sure you’re aware of them, but I absolutely love the way they teach and I’ve often considered it for Caden. Even if it was in downtown OKC, it would just be a straight shot up 23rd. The only private one that I know of is that Catholic church in Del City, St. Phillip Neri???? I can’t remember.

  2. I think you are handling it all very well. Homeschooling is always first option for me, but I can see how you’d be having a conundrum there.. Things will work out, and I am so happy to hear he has an interview! 🙂

  3. Oh god my head is spinning just reading this. I think the important thing to focus on is – yay he got an interview! At least you know all the different things you need to juggle, if you figure out your preferences for each situation and know the timelines (which it seems like you do) then at least once you know which plan you are going with you can just jump on them asap.

  4. There is new private school in Harrah. It is on Reno and Dobbs I believe. I looked at it for my kids for in the future when we move back. There is also a private shcool on Anderson and I 240. I heard a while back about some parents starting a private school in the choctaw…mwc area for children with special needs.

    Gracie goes to a Montessori school in Mississippi and we love it. I saw what Shayla wrote and wanted to add my opinion. I think the Montessori style would benift Wonder boy. I set up my classroom to Montessori as best as I could. Maria Montessori developed her methods to help adults with disablities.

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