Sunshine On My Cloudy Day 3 or 7 But Who’s Counting?

I haven’t submitted a gratitude post in a day or five so I figure I need to get right on that.

-Grateful that I was able to get MomTV to direct me to their Creative Labs contact to get my Vado Woes worked out. I was still a dog chasing my tail with the tech support (Nothing against Creative Labs- plus beggers can’t be choosers, it just makes things complicated when your not the purchaser of said item) The contact was awesome and is sending me out another Vado right away! So brace yourself folks, the VLog train is coming soon.

New adventures doing this back to school thing. Have I ever mentioned that I love school, learning and all that good stuff?  What can I say I’m a nerd. I forgot to mention exactly what I’m majoring in, because inquiring minds probably want to know.. at least I would, if one of you guys were going back to school.  I have many a things I’d love to go to school for science-medical (which is what I did a coons age ago), English/Lit aka teaching it maybe? But I also have this little secret passion that maybe you guys kind of figured out…I like to create things. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m crafty, but gosh darn I pretend to try. I figure the closest thing to being artistic and creating things is Graphic Design. I’m just a tad bit stoked, because if you can find your passion and get paid for it a person should truly run with it..I’m thinking and hoping that this will fill my crafty cup and someone would pay me to do it. Long ways off but I’m grateful and thankful and just hope it all works out.

I’m grateful for a great inspiring and thoughtful book. If you haven’t read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, it really should be a book that you read once in your lifetime. I’m thankful that it found me at this particular fork in my road of life.  I had heard about it many times and never really knew what it was about or what the fuss was about, now I know.

It’s compared a lot to Little Women but is set in Brooklyn. It’s about a poor family living, surviving, and everything else in the early 1900’s. I loved it so much more than Little Women. I honestly couldn’t tell you much about Little Women other than what everyone already knows. It just didn’t stick with me like this one.

I love that these uneducated yet very street smart common sense smart -immigrants/people, know that the only true way to freedom (free from poverty) anywhere is an education. This family does everything in their power to ensure their kids get what they can’t get anywhere else in the world; but in America, a free education. They go days without food until pay day. It was just interesting to see how they would make it through another day. It was really so much more than just a family living in poverty it was life, love, sadness, and in the end contentment.

I have to write down these two particular parts. Sorry if your yawning already on my gushing. I just need to document it for posterity. I’ve also got to get this book for myself. I’ve made it a point that I want to own my top ten books that move me or never let me forget things.

Francie a girl of 11-12 at this time doesn’t think much of how the plays at the theatre ends. This is her thoughts-

“The long lost lover came home just in time to pay the mortgage. What if he had been held up & couldn’t make it? The land lord would give her 30 days notice to get out. In that time things could come up, if not they’d live. You betchya they’d live. It takes a lot of doing to die.”

This was a prayer she made to God the moment she found out America was joining into World War 1.

“Dear God, let me be something every minute of every hour of my life. Let me be gay; let me be sad. Let me be cold; let me be warm. Let me be hungry…have too much to eat. Let me be ragged or be a liar. Let me be honorable and let me sin. Only let me be something every blessed minute. And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost.”


4 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Cloudy Day 3 or 7 But Who’s Counting?

  1. Well, I certainly know what’s going on my Amazon list! I love those two excerpts you included. Sounds like a great read and I would so much rather read something that was recommended by a friend.
    Thanks! And I’m so happy you are following your hear and going back to school!

  2. Oh what a fun major. But I know you will be awesome at whatever you decide to try! You are a great student and I’m really excited for you. I know you love learning! I’m going to try to get that book, I just finished My Sister’s Keeper so now I’m bookless. Sounds like a stop by the library is in order!

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