My Regular Posting Schedule Has Flew The Coop

Wait, I don’t have a “regular posting schedule”!

-You don’t even want to know what time I finally rolled my lazy butt out of bed today. In my defense I did get up to feed the kids breakfast of course then went straight back to bed. This really means I need to get back to a normal sleep schedule.

-I had thought about doing a controversial post on an idea I had thought about involving  pregnant dogs, I changed my mind, as I remember I flee from controversy. Yes, I have a small inkling that Bella is preggy even though I really don’t know anything about preggy dogs…but I’m guessing it’s the same kinda deal as preggy girls. (Please don’t judge, the day I was supposed to take her in was DDay, needless to say it kind of got set on the back burner)

-This has been a wasted day though I did try and get a few things done to not feel like a total loss.

-I have challenged the boys and myself to stay off the computer for a full day tomorrow. The boys don’t believe I can do it. We made a list of what we want to do for the day instead, and have made a pact to keep our(my) promise. I plan to list off 13 things we did on Thursday. Hold me please! Psst.. does it count if I get on the instant they go to bed?

-I heard back from the VADO tech via e-mail. Seems I’m going nowhere fast on a resolution. They sent me basic “tech support go through the motions instructions” -which been there done that (rolls eyes) I knew wouldn’t work. It appears the tech is on the other side of the hemisphere; as  I e-mailed back early this morning and haven’t heard anything back. I’m trying to decide if I should contact MomTV and see if she has a contact that could maybe get the ball rolling faster. If I don’t get a resolution by the morning (crap I’m banned from the ‘puter, better get up at the crack of dawn and sneak a peak) then I’ll contact her.

-I’ve had a really annoying headache today and can’t figure out why. I’m thinking it’s caffeine related, even though I only drink Dr. Pepper on a very rare occasion. Seriously I haven’t bought it in months, I just splurge when we eat out. I have been drinking a lot of iced green tea and ran out yesterday, so I’m wondering if that’s it.

-This just in: Desperate times called for desperate measures and I put chocolate frosting on ritz crackers..not bad..not bad at all.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.


5 thoughts on “My Regular Posting Schedule Has Flew The Coop

  1. You know that really doesn’t sound half bad. There is this new trend in chocolate that I am seeing where you put red pepper flakes in dark chocolate. Supposed to be really good. It’s one of those things I can’t imagine how it tastes. But I am an adventurous eater. I like trying new things like that. I bet Ritz and chocolate icing is a good thing. 😉

  2. You might want to check on that dog pregnancy thing. I was surprised to find out several years ago that dogs only carry their babies for 2 months!

    Chocolate Ritz? You should patent that!

  3. This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If there are any real people here looking to network, leave me a post.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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