The Day Book: Midnight Edition

I’ve decided that since the Vado won’t work, than I will assimilate for you what I intended my Day Book Vlog post to look like. (insert frilly wavy lines here)

PRESS PLAY on the pretend little video thingy.

Outside My Window: Imagine me sitting outside in my backyard. The sun is blazing down on me and I’m probably squinting into the harsh sunlight, as I’m used to being holed up in the dungeon all day avoiding the heat. I probably would have said something like, “Outside My Window it’s clear skies and sunny, it’s gonna be a scorcher today!”….or something cheezy like that. I’m also probably looking really self conscious as I’m trying to  position the camera in such a way that you don’t see every ginormous pore on my face and that nasty ugly zit that popped out yesterday. (Maybe a day or two delay wasn’t such a bad thing after all)

I Am Hearing: At this point my goal was to sit silently for a second so you could hear what I hear. Most likely we would have heard my dogs wrestling around, the distant bark of another dog, and maybe the occasional car driving by, all this if my children were locked up safely inside. I know once this camera gets working; they are going to take it over..they tend to be a bit video camera hoggish.

Aren’t you feeling the interactiveness already? It feels like you are right here in the back yard with me doesn’t it, never mind that it’s midnight? moving along…

I Am Thinking: Mmm..this one maybe be bit hard to decipher, though I do know myself fairly well, depending on the time of day of when I was to do this Vlog and what was going on. I’m going to say that I probably would have mentioned that my brain is melting in the heat as we speak and that I may sound a bit incoherent and blame the heat. I could also have been thinking about the excitement of getting my Vado  and gush on MomTV again all the while being really self conscious about that zit). Yeah that’s probably it. Sigh! It was just never meant to be.

I’d also like to mention the fact that I would have had my cheat sheet. You don’t really think I’ve got each of these themes memorized do you?

I’m Wearing: I got up early this morning showered and dressed just for you guys. Nothing special of course but  I was just trying to make an effort. The dedication to you guys, it brings a tear to my eye.

I Am Hoping: (right now Im hoping I get my Vado fixed)  At the time I probably would have said I hope to get to the pool tonight or that my kitchen stays clean for 24 hours (ha!) or something frivolous like that. There’s that other hope too but why beat a dead horse?

From The Kitchen: I also would have had my notes. My brain is a vessel of useless knowledge like the names of the Wiggles or the names of the United States in alphabetical order, therefor I can no longer hold the important things in life in my mind, like what I’m fixing for dinner this week.

I Am Reading: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – this book was not on any of my various reading lists, and yet I have not read it until now. I know, I’m thinking it’s one of those cardinal sins of book readers..if you haven’t read this book than your not in the cool reader club.  None of the other books on my list (yes I also have to have my TBR list at the library) were available, so I just happened to come across it and felt it was a sign. So far I’m enjoying it, much better than the last two I attempted to read for sure.

I Am Creating: Here’s where I was going to be all witty and say “I’m creating as we speak a Vlog..I think that’s good enough for me.” Why yes, yes I did have this all planned out in my head so I wouldn’t fumble around to much when actually speaking.

One of My Favorite Things: I’m embarrassed to mention this (or not) but it has to be FarmTown on Facebook. I probably mentioned it before, but I’ve gotten a little bit obsessive. Now that I’ve gotten my little farm established, it really is such a joy to watch your seedlings grow into virtual little fruits and veggies. When people started hiring me to work their farm (which is where the real money is my farm friends) it really got addicting. If only there was a way to buy new land.

Around The House: I’m planning to work a project in each room everyday until whenever. That’s my goal. I started out in the kitchen and rearranged and cleaned out some cabinets, than I got distracted with the whole VADO thing. Tomorrow Today is a new day!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: We’ll be doing good to head back to the library for the critter guy. Other than that the usual swim, bike, hibernate (from the heat).

A Picture Thought: There would not have been a picture thought, because you would have actually been looking at a picture of me rambling my thoughts. Whoah scary thought!

It’s 1:30AM and this sounded way better in my head! I promise I was not under the consumption of alcoholic beverage when doing this post.


4 thoughts on “The Day Book: Midnight Edition

  1. I think it would have been awesome – hopefully by next week you can give it another try!

    I have not read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and now I’m suddenly feeling very guilty about that (hides behind my English degree)…

  2. Well, I guess we shall call this particular post your “Virtual Day Book”, since it lacked the actual visual aspect. I am, however, looking forward to the real one!

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