Woe Is My Vado!

I’m sure you’ve been wondering all day, what’s Jean up to? She hasn’t posted all day, I’m getting concerned. (humor me)

I received my Vado today and the plan was to do my normal Monday Day Book post via vlog cause I wanted to be cool like that and make my Vlog debut. So far it’s not happening.

I like to think of myself as technologically adequate. I mean, I did do tech support for 6 years and if faced with a problem I make no stops to figure it out..which since I guess, I was supposedly so good at it that they made me a “team lead” which was just a fancy word for help the other guys oh knowledgeable one, and handle their irate customers. So again I’m sorta technologically adequate. Maybe.

I break out the Vado all excited (believe me, I practically ran the UPS guy down the very second I heard his squeaky brakes in front of my house) I opened her up (she is a she since she’s pink) and scoured the instructions. Easy peasy a kindergartner could do it.  Put in the battery, charge it, turn it on, and point and shoot. Problem is the turning on part. It powers on beautifully when plugged in the ‘puter and shows a fully charged battery. Squee no wait to charge! I think. Wrong? I try to power her on and she’s a no go.

The button is pretty tricky but not any worse than my antiquated cell phone. Still no power on. I had the hubs try and still no go. So I’m thinking ok maybe it really does need to charge, even though it’s showing fully charged and the battery thingy isn’t moving. (Wishful thinking maybe?)

At this point after letting it charge for a good 2 hours (even though it doesn’t really appear to be charging) I’m still not able to turn it on. I’m getting desperate. All my plans for the most awesome Vlog in the world are collapsing on me. I e-mail Laurie since she has one too. Laurie probably thinks I’m idiotic (not really) when I e-mailed her my plea, but I figured maybe you had to hold your tongue just right while pushing the button and said the magic words. I’m thinking Laurie knows the magic words.

She was awesome to respond so quickly and I took her advice to hold it down for several seconds, cause she said it was tricky. 45 seconds later and it still will not turn on.  Sniff, she looks so pretty sitting here “charging” begging me to capture some good Vlog material.

I finally have e-mailed Creative Labs and crossing my fingers that this is a “known issue” and that I’m really not an idiot. Of course they send an e-mail response back that it may take up to 24 hours to “hear back from a live person” Patience is a virtue right?


5 thoughts on “Woe Is My Vado!

  1. Oh what a bummer! I’m sure you just got a buggy one or something or else there is some really easy fix – but how sucky to have to wait in the meantime! Did I tell you about trying the Amazon Kindle and not being able to figure out how to navigate for the life of me, only to figure out all I really had to do was take the protective plastic covering off? Yeah that’s me.

    • Oh my gosh LOL, no you didn’t tell me that! I’m thinking it’s buggy, there surely can’t be some simple fix. I wouldn’t luck out that easy.

  2. This stinks. I was so looking forward to seeing your debut. Should I run mine over and trade you? I hope they are able to help you. I would hate to hear that you have to send it back. Like you said, it’s a very simple devise. It has like 3 buttons. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

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