Sunshine on My Cloudy Day 2

This is day 2 of my gratitude/think positive everyday challenge.

-I accomplished cleaning up the hubs cave, while he’s out helping his client with his computer. That in itself is gold medal worthy (both statements actually). The cave is only suitable to those brave enough to go in there.

-We headed to the library a few days early – I don’t know about you guys library, but during the summer the library is a mad house and the books are nearly nil. We thought a Sunday would be better. My reading selections have been pretty dry lately, so dry that I couldn’t finish them. Life is to short to endure bad books, even ones that have been widely praised. I haven’t had a bad book(s) in awhile. I think I got a couple of good ones this time.

-Game Boy turned in his reading list and got a plethora of free coupon stuff. That’s always a good thing! Looks like we’ll be getting our free chick- fil- a after all, sans dressing up like a cow. We just gotta wait for the other boys to complete their lists.

-A Sonic shake on a hot day is always a blessing.

-Looking forward to my online book club tonight. It’s just a small handful of us moms and we’d love to have more. Check MomTV’s live shows 9PM Central on Sundays- Book Smart is the show. Stacey at TreeRootandTwig is the hostess and she’s a sweetheart. She’s on the web cam while everyone else chats. Why yes this was a shameless plug for our little book club.

-A brief bike ride around the block once it’s a bit cooler.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine on My Cloudy Day 2

  1. I HATE getting a book that I’m pretty excited to get into and then finding out it’s hopelessly boring, or worse, just good enough to get into but then it just kind of flatlines.
    Next time you go see if they have The Shack. It’s one I read recently that I commented on someone else’s blog about. It is really sad in the very beginning, but just gets better and better after that.

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