Why is it that I’ve gone months and months with out needing personal hygiene products (conditioner, shampoo, razors,  etc..) and then all of a sudden everything is pretty much  empty at the same time?

Why does my vacuum decide to die the instant I get the urge to be productive?  Thankfully the hubs was able to perform emergency surgery on it and got it working again. Though by that point the feeling was gone. Who knew one was supposed to take it completely apart on occasion and clean it?

Why do my strange children prefer to barricade themselves inside the house when the opportunity to do something “fun” like attending a kid thing at the library would be so much more fun?

Why would anyone refuse “free food” even if it means dressing up like a cow and groveling for it? Don’t answer that.

Why does my dog go crazy over the vacuum when I vacuum, but when the hubs vacuums he just looks at me like; what am I supposed to be doing something?  I was actually trying to show the hilarity between the two dogs when the vacuum is on.  I’m easily amused and entertainment around here is pretty nil.

I think that covers the Why’s for now.


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