Some Things And A Blonde Moment

First the blonde moment. Since I changed the template for the blog, I tend to stare at it for hours..not really, but I do annalyze it at length to make sure nothing looks off. That’s when I noticed I couldn’t find the ever important golden comment button after someone has already commented. I guess I’m a creature of habit and like the button at the bottom of the post, makes sense to me but then I’m weird about things like that. This template has it at the top. It’s weird that the comment box shows at the bottom if your first though. I never claimed to know all this web code stuff.  You guys are probably smarter than I and already knew where the comment box is.

Second, I may have mentioned a time or ten my love for MomTV, after much begging and pleading or because they were tired of hearing from me; they are ever so kindly sending me a VADO! I’m so extremely excited, it’s given me a bit of sunshine on my cloudy day. I love that on the UPS shipping e-mail they noted sending it for my persistance and patience and thanking me for being a member. Sometimes it really doesn’t hurt to ask. That is so not like me to e-mail someone pursuading them I really feel I need something. Watch out  blog world Jean’s got a VADO ( a mini video camera-in case you didn’t know) and she’s not gonna be afraid to use it!
Can you imagine what crazy things I will come up with? I can’t wait! You all will be my victims (insert evil laugh)

I wish I had more note worthy things to mention but it’s been all quiet on the Western front around here, unless you want to hear me gush on my new addiction for farmtown on facebook. I’m not sure what took me so long to get in to it but one day I was bored and there just was nothing else on the internet to do (ha!) and I started adding my 50 some odd gifts and started visiting other friends farms and was blown over how much free time awesome some people’s farms are, and it went off from there. I love that even though it’s a time suck, it’s really not at the same time, yet so addicting.  Excuse me, I think I’ve got some wheat ready for harvest.


One thought on “Some Things And A Blonde Moment

  1. I’m strangely addicted to Farm Town myself. I can’t quite figure out my fascination with it, but I keep coming back for more. 😛

    Soooo excited you are getting a Vado, can’t wait to see what you have planned for it! 🙂

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