This Camp Counselor Thing Doesn’t Pay Much.

I feel like I’ve been very transparent around the blogosphere lately. Strangely, I just haven’t really been “in the mood” plus I’m trying to keep up with a house that is being occupied 24/7 by 5 people. Something that hasn’t really happened before, for a long stretch of time.
Feeding these people 3 meals a day alone is kicking my butt. I just have given up on the kitchen at this point. The moment I’ve got it cleaned up, it’s time to start the next meal. Then there’s the whole eating me out of house and home thing. I bought 2 loaves of bread which normally last us a full week. 2 loaves lasted 3 days. Jesus, that multiplying loaves miracle would come in handy right now. I have seriously considered making my own bread but I don’t have a bread machine and I’m not sure if I’m that desperate yet.

On top of keeping the house sorta clean..let’s fact it, I’m not trying to hard at this point. I’m also camp counselor – kid entertainer. I refuse to let these kids waste the day away on video games and dvds, but going outside is not an option between 10 am – 6pm. Considering this is the first official week they’ve been home; were doing ok. Lots of board games, lego blocks, and reading have been going on. Thankfully the library also has some nifty things going for us too if we feel brave to venture out in the heat. Biking and swimming at night when it’s cooler has been our big activity of the evening.
In between juggling food, entertaining, and cleaning (ha!), I’ve also been helping the hubs and I both find work. I figure if I can somewhat contribute on a part time basis, it may help to keep us floating for a little bit. Right now I’ve hit a couple of possible work at home customer service prospects which I guess is my specialty (gag). Something I had considered doing prior to Job Search ’09. The pay is not spectacular and I’m sure I could find something working out of the home for greater, but with only one vehicle at hand, it makes sense for now to see what I can do at home.
That my friends is Camp Recession ’09 in a post shell.


2 thoughts on “This Camp Counselor Thing Doesn’t Pay Much.

  1. When Dan first lost his job I felt a serious loss of interest bloggy wise. I just sort of dropped out a bit as far as REAL content went and did some memes and flitted around. It gets better – it doesn’t help that you’ve got the whole summer vacation / one car / heat wave thing happening at the same time. I’m thinking survival mode is the way to go at this point. 🙂

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