The Day Book

Outside My Window: It’s raining my friends, sweet glorious rain!

I am hearing: very very quiet and maybe you can hear the pounding rain on the window and the faint sound of thunder.

I am thinking:  I’ve got to get cracking on cleaning the house. Gather up every piece of financial information and every things else to get going on some government assistance. Although we are sorta fine right now, who knows how long that will last. I hate thinking and stressing about it really.

I am thankful for: the rain for sure.  Our home for the possible short time left we may have in it.

I am wearing – ugh.. a t shirt and shorty shorts.

I am hoping: That the hubs gets some kind of promising something with his meeting with the old boss today. I’m really not holding my breath to much though.  I’m also hoping that maybe just maybe he will find something here.

From The Kitchen; I don’t have a plan. I hate that so much. We’re trying to stretch every ounce of food we have now for as long as possible.  Soup and Ramen anyone?

I am reading: I finished The Art of Racing In The Rain. This was a great book! It has all the cry a little, feel good goodness that books involving dogs have. I know what your thinking, any book involving dogs also indicates something happens to the dog.  My lips are sealed.

I am creating: I’ll be doing good to create a decent post this week, that does not involve woe is me..sob sob sob posting.

Around the house:  I’ll also be doing good just to get caught up with house work and start selling our junk stuff on Ebay.

One of my favorite things: Farkle which is a dice game app on Facebook. If you’ve ever played 10 thousand with dice it’s very similar to that. My MIL taught me to play and that’s our family game thing when she comes into town. We play for hours. It doesn’t take much to thrill me these days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: The hubs is headed to East Texas today. Sorry ETEX buddies I didn’t make it over to have lunch with you guys.  It wouldn’t have been fun to drag the kids along.  The rest of the week is pretty free. We’re living one day at a time around here.

A Picture Thought: A mess of weary travelers. 


2 thoughts on “The Day Book

  1. Oh, bless your heart sweetie! I know you can’t wait until this chapter of your life is over… but, it will be over. You just have to trust and wait it out.

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