How About A Heaping Hot Serving of Random?

I figured the day book post didn’t quite cover all of my weekend adventures so here it is in a heaping helping.

-First of all, if you follow me in a feed and suddenly became bombarded with old blogspot posts of mine, sorry! Looks like feedburner finally burped them out. I promise I’ll just stick with wordpress, even though according to this site that gives you some kind of google ranking that site was a 3, it has to do with everyone else who has linked up to my site and what not. 3 is not to shabby,sorta I guess. I’m pretty sure my wordpress site is down there in the tens of hundreds. Ugh sorry for that ramble!

-I headed up Friday to my MIL’s and the boys and I shacked up in her little one bedroom condo. It was interesting to say the least. The boys swam and stayed up way to late and then we got up at the crack of dawn and swam some more until about 11. It was crazy and Bossyboy was beyond  exhaustedly cranky by 10. We had a good time despite my child’s meltdown.

-Because my MIL is always on the go, 30 minutes after getting out of the pool, she was ready to head to C’s grandma’s house (remember after the funeral in December, his nanny and him finally buried the hatchet and forgave each other?) We had not been to Nanny’s in 9 years. We had a nice visit and just hung out. She used to make awesome sweet tea and fix scrumptious food. She’s to weak and frail anymore to cook or even make tea. I was a bit saddened by that and that my boys would never get to be a part of that.  She did love on Bossy Boy and almost decided to keep him for herself. He’s the youngest of the great grandkids and she has a very soft spot for little boys who look like her only grandson.

-The MIL (mother in law) decided that it was time for us to head up further North and go to the carnival (the town was having their hay days…literally) and get a snow cone and visit one of the cousins. I love the MIL to death don’t get me wrong, but my boys are not used to being dragged from one place to the other on a continuous basis, most ecspecially when it’s 102 outside. You know your kids are tired when you ask them if their ready to go ride rides and have a snow cone and they just look at you like haven’t we done enough already?

-During all of this, I left Annakin with my parents. He freaked out and ran off at 4 in the morning. My mother was to afraid to call me and decided to wait and see if he would turn up. She made lost dog signs and everything. Luckily with the help of the signs a neighbor found him and he was safely returned.

-A note about small town America and hot weather; they will cancel the festivities due to the heat. We arrived and the town looked like a ghost town. I’m pretty sure it looks this way all the time but it’s really eerie when there’s carnival rides in the middle of the main (only) street. We did find someone and they let us know of the cancellation. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that, even if I did drive 20 miles out of town for nothing. Of course once we got there and the kids saw the rides, they threw a fit that they weren’t going to get to stay and wait for them to re open.

-We never did find the snow cone stand where the cousin was working. I wanted to see if she was a true snow cone queen and if she needed a mentor. Come to find out if we would have walked another 50 feet we would have found her.

-I’m thinking this is less random and more like bulleted paragraphs. Oh well!

-I’m also thinking that’s probably enough rehashing of the weekend for now.


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