WW: A to Z Queen of the Sno Cone

That was the title of this post that I hashed up last year.  I thought it fitting for WW A to Z regardless that there’s words. Q is kind of tricky ya know.

I’m off to OKC..eventually… once I get some errands done. The hubs will be stranded at the house so I have to make sure all is done. I’ll be posting more summer time re posts the rest of the week.

Summer is officially here, though it doesn’t feel that way in E. Texas. The rain has just not stopped. By the time it goes away for a day or two it comes right back. This is highly unusual for here.
When I think summer I think of the wonderful memories of the sno-cone stand. The sno-cone stand was just right at a mile from the house. We (my bestest childhood friend L.) would make a trip for a summer refreshment. If L.’s dad took us we were sometimes allowed to ride in the back of the pickup truck which was always a highlight of the treat. This was a time back in the 1800’s when it was somewhat ok to ride in the back with out it being totally illegal. Today you would be arrested for child endangerment, but I digress.
If L.’s dad or my mom were feeling splurgie they would let us have the rainbow flavored sno-cone that always looked so cool. We always wondered how did they do that?
We were experts at the proper technique of eating a sno-cone. Oh yes there is a technique. We would chisel down the sno-ball with our nifty spraw (that’s spoon straw to you amateur’s), sometimes even chipping it away completely just to get to the juicy slushy goodness. We would compare cups to see who actually made theirs the most juicy. Then we would slurp it up and laugh at each others colorful tongues and moustaches.
Fast forward about 7-9 years, and I had the privilege of finding out what the secret technique to making a rainbow sno-cone was. I became a paid employee of the very same sno-cone stand. You would almost say it was a dream come true for a 7-8 year old girl. I loved the job and the people I served. No one ever complained and I always made the cones as juicy as possible. I believed myself to be an expert on the cone. I could mix syrups and make my own special flavors like no body’s business. I was, after all, a professional.
If working at the “stand” was not thrill enough, my boss had the local paper come and do a story on Sno Cones and summer time. Lucky me I got to be in the paper on the front page!
The stand is no longer there. I think the boss sold it off shortly after I graduated high school. I always thought I would love to own a stand just for fun and of course let teenagers pretty much run it for extra cash. I don’t think there would be much profit for myself in it.
Oh you want to know the secret method to making a rainbow sno cone? If I told you I’d have to kill you.

I actually ripped this page out my scrap book to get this pic in.

Also I’m staring at this pic looking at that awesome muscle on my arm, that I will never have again. That my friends is what they call a Tennis arm. -I just had to mention that.


6 thoughts on “WW: A to Z Queen of the Sno Cone

  1. Nice Pic, how awsome would that be to own a place like that? I got your message, I’m starting work on the film Monday, and I double checked the Adventures In Babysitting.Not a Hughes film but you’re right, it does look like one. Have a good weekend.

  2. My parents owned a Shaved Ice stand when I was in jr. high. It was awesome to eat as many as I wanted! I have a shaved ice macine so we can have them every day. It is the ultimate hot summer day treat! That is a great picture!

  3. It took me years to eat another sno cone after working at the sno cone stand! I think I’ve tried every flavor there is known to man. Even now our boys are so excited to get sno cones and me…not so much! Ahh, the days of making $3/hr and loving it!

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