The Day Book

Outside My Window: We like it Hot Hot! Not! Not! I seriously think my brain is going to melt inside my skull each second I’m exposed to this heat. You’d think after living all my life in areas of the country with a high heat/humidity that one would get used to it…you don’t.

I Am Hearing: It’s pretty quiet around the WM247 household. No kids will do that.

I Am Thinking: I’ve got many a thoughts, none of which contain coherency.

I Am Hoping:  I’m sure you know what I’m really hoping…

From The Kitchen: The kitchen has been serve your self both last week and this. I’ve primarily been only eating because I have to and not so much because I want to.

I’m Now Reading- I know your going to be shocked, but I haven’t even been to the library to fufill my book need.  I did find a new Book Club on MomTV that meets on Sunday nights (nothing better than not having to leave your house for a bookclub) and they are reading The Art of Racing in The Rain. I hadn’t heard of this one whatsoever but the story is told from the dog’s point of view that lives with a family. The guy in the book is a race car driver. There’s more to it than that and it’s really a interesting book. I was able to download it from the library. Which I think is super fantastic. In two weeks it will automatically be deleted from computer. Gotta love technology!

I Am Creating- My creative side has hit a brick wall.

Around The House-  The usual household duties..nothing impressive.

Plans For The Week- Wed. I’m leaving for OK to spend a few days. I’m hoping to head up to TulsieTown sometime Friday or Saturday to help a certain someone with a certain something,  you know who you are! My buddy S has been bitten by the blog bug and wants to get one started. Give me a call at my parents S when’s a good time for you. 🙂

One of my favorite things:  Hearing my boys on the phone..they sound so grown up or something it’s almost weird. The weird thing is Game Boy sounds like me on the phone…I’m not sure why I think this but when he came on the phone to say Hi lasy night, I had to think twice of who it was and since when did my mom have a girl over at her house? He would probably die if he ever knew I thought, that so keep this one to yourself. 🙂

Picture Thought: I never did show a pic of the ‘burb damage. Bye Bye ‘burb! Your off to  scrap yard heaven. Sniff..the hubs will miss you!


5 thoughts on “The Day Book

  1. HA! I love that format! Just click through the questions and fill in the blanks! In the long run you really do give the sense of what’s happening in your domicile.
    The burb looks like she’s in pain… best to just put her out of her misery. 😉

  2. Are you listening to the audio of the Art of Racing in the Rain? Is that what you meant by downloaded it?

    I read that last year. It was good. A little depressing, but yes — I thought that the whole dog’s POV thing was pretty cool.

    • My library allows you to download the actual book- and you read it through a download from Adobe. they have a special reader for books. You can do audio as well but it was checked out.

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