My Life Is Becoming A Country Song

Let’s see….

I lost my job (the hubs lost his job same diff)

A few random bad luck things happened to me before the job thing.  Which equals bad luck, which equals country song.

I lost my dog..yep.. that sums it all up right there.

Annakin is the Houdini of the family. When we lived in Tyler our fence was a wire four foot fence. He first began digging under and would get in the neighbors yard only to have to shamefully crawl back under to our yard. We soon Mcguyvered the fence enough to where he couldn’t dig under. That’s when he discovered he could easily jump over.

The first few times he went over the fence, he would be gone a few hours and then tail between his legs would saunter back like nothing happened. Then it got worse, and he began to leave home over night. I had many a confirming thoughts on those days that my dog was completely gone. We would check the humane society to no avail. Yet, surprisingly with in 24 hours he would come back again completely oblivious to the fact that he was gone. It was almost amazing.

This wasn’t like he disappeared every single time we let him out for a short period of time. It was only every once in a great while. I would hate to allude you to the idea that my dog was always constantly roaming the street and we didn’t care. We did once get a call from a friend who happened to be driving down the main highway behind our house, stating that our dog was roaming the highway. Which is always reassuring..not.

Fast forward to now and we felt our fears were over with a six foot stockade fence. We thought he for sure is not getting over this puppy. We were oh so wrong.

Earlier today we made the executive decision to leave the dogs outside while running errands to prevent another incriminating act of book vandalism. The hubs hosed the dogs down and filled a huge tote container full of water. We figured this would keep them cool enough for the short while we would be gone.

Have I mentioned that Annakin, is a wuss when it comes to the heat? He’s out 5 minutes and he’s crying and begging at the door to come back in. Bella however, obviously was a primary outdoor dog before she hit the life of Reilley and actually has to be coaxed to come indoors.

When we returned from our quick trip, Houdini was gone. He’s never made an escape before, probably cause he’s never been left out before when living here, while we’ve been gone.  He didn’t dig that’s for certain and the fence is well secure. According to the watchful eye of our neighbors, he jumped the fence several times. I’m under the impression that he jumped into the neighbors yard(s) and then out into the neighborhood. This is a 6 foot fence! I would loved to have seen his acrobatics on video. We searched the neighborhood a bajillion times. We took Bella out to help us “sniff search” him out.  I’m guessing she didn’t know what we wanted and had no clue. No luck.


As of 12:40AM CST, there’s been no sign of him. Hubs is certain the dog catchers got him. Me, I’m still keeping hope. I just hate thinking that he’s been out there in the heat all day and is/ was freaking out.  It was 97 today and that didn’t include the heat index. I’m hoping he found solace in a kind neighbor’s yard and possibly some water somewhere and that he plans to return bright and early in the morning.

I honestly don’t think I can take another lyric to this sad crazy country song.
As of 8:30PM CST the prodigal son has returned. He completely zonked out the minute he got in. Obviously he’s been on some adventure touring suburbia.


7 thoughts on “My Life Is Becoming A Country Song

  1. :/ I hope he comes back soon – you guys need a break in the country song motif for sure! My grandpa’s dog (actually 2 dogs ago) was notorious for running away but always came back – so your story definitely sounds familiar – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Annakin finds his way home – and yuck – to be out in this heat – I hope he’s been keeping hydrated!

  2. Did he have tags on? I would think if someone found him they would call you. 😦 I can’t believe that neighbors SAW him jumping the fence and didn’t try to secure him for you until you got home. I hope he is safe and makes his way back to you. I was going to ask how the boys are taking it, but they are still in OK, right?

  3. Our dog Libby also jumps 6 foot fences. Michael put hot wire along the top and bottom of the fence, but I do not think hot wire and 3 small children would make a good combination for you. We only play in the front yard at my house.

  4. Well, glad he’s back, the little toot! He’s quite the athlete! Gosh, I hope this country song comes to an end for you!

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