Oh The Opportunity!

Do you remember once upon a time when the hubs and I both worked for the same company? We had quite a bit of tenure between the two of us, and we were well loved and they really really hated to see us go?
Yet we wanted to explore new opportunities in a bigger more prosperous city, where we would have fame and fortune(ha!) and live happily ever after. Yeah.
You remember that little thing that happened on Monday? Yeah
Word gets around pretty quick.
C’s old boss contacted him today-he says he didn’t hear about the news, sure whatever…
Anyway, he doesn’t really have anything open now or real soon but possibly in September and he wants C to come to Tyler and “do lunch”. Mmm..interesting. Oh the irony! C’s boss also mentioned to him about another company that he knows about, and that he should turn in his resume there.
My parents who are awesome in their own right, offered us if we need it, to move into their rent house..you know in OK. Rent would be extremely cheap. Not free mind you but unbelievably cheap. We wouldn’t even be getting the family discount as they charge this unbelievable cheap rent to everyone. The funny thing is, they feel bad that they charge to much. Silly parents, cheap rent is for kids!
The company that C’s boss mentioned, happens to have an office in OKC. Interesting…
This is all just small opportunities laid out on the table and not even a hint of anything to come. Still it is reassuring to peek into the window and see.
If things do come about, it will be very hard to decide exactly which door of opportunity we should take.
Right now we’re sticking to the status quo and pretending like none of this is really in the cards yet.


6 thoughts on “Oh The Opportunity!

  1. So good to see a couple options lining up! I’m sure you guys are going to come out of this fine and how awesome that his old boss is helping him out and your parents, too – support networks rock!

  2. I TOLD YOU!!! Didn’t I tell you opportunities would come?!?!

    I knew this would happen, cuz you rock 😉

    I am so glad he is having these opportunities come knocking, and I am glad you have awesome parents 🙂

  3. It is a really good idea not to get your hopes up too much or set your sites on any one thing at this stage of the game. I can see you know that. But STILL! How wonderful that there are some leads and possibilities out there for you. And knowing that there is a house available for you is a load off the mind, huh?
    This is good, honey! Keep praying and asking God what he wants for you!

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