I’m not even going to come in here and try to ease into saying this. I thought of saying “the hits just keep on comin” since that’s the hubs favorite phrase, but it is what it is. Obviously, the one word title says it all.

I’d love to say that I’ve been telling myself since 10:15 this morning that this all happened for a reason. I know down the line like a few months from now; I will gladly say it, but right now those words are bitter in my mouth.

We’ve known he’s been on the bubble for awhile, but kept pushing it far beneath our minds. The under budget weekly meetings were always a constant reminder though. Since he’s the “newbie” it would seem likely he would be the first to go and to much office politics didn’t help matters.

The hubs is awesome about the whole thing and really thinks this is the window of opportunity he’s been waiting for  to do some start up business projects and do contract work. He’s got a myriad of plans already in the works.  He’s just rolling with the punches. I’m a basket case,  I won’t lie. I’m trying way to hard to be stoic and not get in fetal position to cry like a baby. I think I’ll feel much better if I just get it over and done with already, then dust myself off and keep on going. I’m so glad the kids aren’t here, because I really would be a blubbery mess.

I’m not very public about my faith (I’m just private in that aspect)  and would never ask anyone to out right pray for us or keep us in our thoughts, unless I really felt it was needed.  I know we’ll be fine, good vibes and good thoughts are appreciated though.

I do believe that the things that built up to this happened for a reason..the whole car incident…though we really needed a vehicle at the time, now it’s really not that important.


9 thoughts on “Fired

  1. Holy schnikeys! I can’t believe it! I’m really, really sorry, and I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers! Kuddos to hubs for staying positive; I am always amazed that people can do that during stressful times. I am like you, want to dig a hole and cry. Things will be okay, you hang in there. Believe me, I have seen you go through some really tough times. XOXO

  2. I am so sorry, Jean. Of course I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts. I know it is hard, but I do believe something better will come out of this for you guys. I have good days and bad days, but ultimately the key is keeping a positive attitude and just keep on going. Luckily David has been very supportive of me, and I know you will be for “C” too. It’s definitely a test of faith, patience and pride… but you will come out ahead. *hugs* Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Wow – I have to say I am floored – I’d be thinking about curling up in the fetal position, too. I’m glad to hear your hubs is being proactive and planning – that is a GOOD thing – it means progress is coming – and you are right, the car just really isn’t that important now.

    You will surely be in my thoughts – good luck and take care of yourself! Your sanity is like the number one thing right now!

  4. Aww, honey! I am SO sorry ya’ll are going through this! Just try to remember you are going “through” it and will come out on the other end. Someday you will look back and be able to smile at how far you’ve come.
    There is a master plan and as hard as it is to understand, understand that YOU don’t need to. There is a purpose.
    I will pray for you and your family!

  5. Oh Jeannie I am so sorry. I will pray for the best to come of a scary situation. You are blessed to have a positive husband and suportive family. I would be a blubbery crying mess too.


  6. Oh Jean, I am so sorry. I know exactly how you are feeling. In the last 4 years, my hubby was “fired” 3 times. It takes such a hit on their ego.

    Allow yourself 24 hours to mope and whine. Then get up and brush yourself off and look to the future.

    Feel free to vent and complain. Because you have to be strong for him. Try not to whine in front of him because he already feels bad enough. Whine to us. We will give you support and virtual hugs.

    Again, I am so sorry this happned to you and your family!

  7. It IS a new opportunity!!! Trust me! Although getting some extra cuddles and talks with your hubs won’t hurt either of ya right about now 🙂

    This happened to us, and we are OK! 🙂

    You’ll find many opportunites will open up for him. You may have to downsize and budget a bit, and (not politically correct to say this in public but …) possibly get some kind of government support for a while, but you will live 🙂

    And you will thrive!!

    Please do get the government support. You have paid into it enough to get something out of it 😉

    And pray. I will say a little prayer for you too ♥

  8. Oh wow, holy cow! But fired sounds like he did something wrong… which I’m assuming is totally NOT the case. Other than being human in this economy! 🙂
    I’m sorry!

    • Yeah that probably was “harsh” it was mainly office politics and the fact that their budget for the quarter is in the tank. We’ll be ok!

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