Well That Was Fun!

I was dead  in the midst of a ranty post about dealing with more ins. problems and wah wah woe is me, about the pain in the arse hoops I’m jumping through to finally get us back on track for a vehicle;  when suddenly the hubs says, “get the kids and dogs in the car, were under tornado warning.”   Oh boy here we go.

Now normal people are advised to stay home and keep safe, we’re not normal. The hubs still has his storm chaser blood in him and when he says it’s time to go, it’s time to go chase some storms that is. I did tell you about the time I was pregnant with Game Boy, and hubs and  I went storm chasing?   We saw full blown tornadic rotation,  we pulled over,  hubs oohing and awing on the tornado;  meanwhile his lovely wife is ralphing in a plastic bag? Ah… good times,  good times.

Luckily this storm did go right over our house, but  no major damage of any kind.

I took some scary beautiful pics along the way.
There was some scary stuff going on in there. It’s hard to tell when your going about 75 on the highway.

Storm Gazing

This pic turned out cool. This was after the storm, the sun setting. It looks like an old dust bowl pic or something. It’s actually the parking lot of the high school.

Somewhere under the rainbow is home sweet home.


3 thoughts on “Well That Was Fun!

  1. That does NOT sound like fun! He is insane! Living in the West, I have never seen a tornado, and I really hope to live my whole life without seeing one!

  2. We used to get tornado “warnings” almost daily in KY and I can vividly remember one instance where my dad decided to see “how wet the jeep would get” with the new bikini top we’d gotten for it (no windows) – and of course as we are driving in the rain, for once, a real tornado shows up – haha – I don’t think that was part of his plan – it didn’t come right up to us, but it was close enough that we pulled over and watched from the local Arbys instead.

  3. Those are some cuh-ra-zee pictures! And I would be hiding out for dear life in my bathtub if we ever had a tornado warning here. Not ever having been near one they freak me out! ‘course wildfires and other things that are normal don’t freak me out at all… I guess it all depends on where you live!

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