Please Allow Me To Step On My Soapbox

Steps on Soapbox now-
It took Mr. Adjuster dude 6 days to come and look at the vehicle (yes I’m counting weekend) I think that’s unacceptable. What if perhaps, that was our only vehicle and the hubs had no transportation at all to go to work? Lucky, sure he could drive mine, but what if I was working and needed mine? His other vehicle is technically not legal to drive. He would have been SOL/out of work for 6 days! Hubs was trying to be nice and not request a rental car because he’s nice like that.
When Mr. Adjuster dude did come out on Thursday he went through the inspection. I told him very clearly that the driver side door does not open. It looks fine as it has no appearance of damage on the door, but again, the door does not open. Mr. Adjuster dude wanted to see how much it wouldn’t open. He soon found out it does not open not even a crack. His comment, “that’s not good.” Yes Mr. Adjuster dude it’s not, and as hubs checked later, it appears he caused more damage to it by trying.
I of course got the line “I’ll turn this paperwork in and we’ll be in touch.” It’s Monday and the hubs called the insurance contact lady with no return call all day. Which means she probably wasn’t at work today, which now makes 8 going on 9 days since the accident. In my humble opinion the adjuster should have been out the next day even if it was a Saturday. Monday at the latest.
We know that it will be considered a total loss. It won’t be cost effective for the insurance to repair a vehicle that’s over 20 years old, with already some prior minor damage and high mileage. The thing is, we’re concerned that they won’t give us squat back to even afford repairs or purchase something else. The ‘burb was driveable and all the years we’ve had it, we’ve never had an ounce of problems with it. Sturdy like a rock. No, we are never in the market for new vehicles/paying out the nose for a new vehicle. The hubs likes to pay for his cars in cash, fix up whatever needs fixing up, and have it save on insurance-new car = full coverage- can’t afford insurance.
We are crossing our fingers they throw us a bone of some kind, after all we didn’t request a rental when obviously we probably should have. Hubs is going to fight for a fair deal all the way, and if not, he’s willing to fight them for it. He knows how to play the little insurance games, he worked for/with them for almost 10 years. It should be really interesting, to say the least.
Steps down from soap box.


3 thoughts on “Please Allow Me To Step On My Soapbox

  1. Wow, that really sucks. I totally understand the totaled/not worth anything dilemma. We would be in the same boat with my car.
    Glad your hubs knows his way around insurance! Will pray it works out for you!

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