Mom’s Summer Survival Log: Day 2

Mom’s summer survival log:
It’s day 2 of summer bliss and the bliss part is a bit of an overstatement.

0900 breakfast of sugary cereal served

0930 head out to park-the only time of day in Texas where going to the park is manageable.

-So far were on schedule give or take an hour.

1000 barely into park mode when one kid has to go to the bathroom. immediately thought of Lanie’s resolution of kid needing to go at park. Unfortunately I didn’t have a ziploc baggy. (From Everyone is Beautiful)

1015 head back home for cool off -kid totally forgetting why we left early in first place.

-Schedule is off, random chores started around house, nothing looks or feels accomplished though
1200 lunch of mac cheese with tuna. 2 kids eat, 3rd refuses even though it’s his fave. eats cantaloupe instead. complains 10 minutes later of being hungry

1245 haggle with insurance co. still no results, find out insured has not been able to be reached and police department’s only report is that of info exchanged, sigh… waves white flag, time to send in our insurance co. see what they can do.

1300 project time not going well-no one wants to participate, end up doing most of it myself, while rest of crew begs to play vg (video games), becoming very frustrated, ready to pitch whole schedule thing. Will adapt and adjust.

1330 Feeling like caged tiger- can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, don’t feel like cleaning (what’s point?) give in and let the crew have their “free time” an hour early.

1345 Captain mom over and out.


3 thoughts on “Mom’s Summer Survival Log: Day 2

  1. Schedule’s suck. They are tools of the devil, used to make you feel unsuccessful and undermining your self confidence. From there it’s just a short slip down the hill to communism and global warming.
    I tell you, it’s the way complete anarchy always starts!

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