The Day Book

Outside My Window: Sunny Sun Sun

I Am Hearing: Animaniacs- I bet if you check the last months worth of Monday posts 80% of the background noise is Animaniacs.

I Am Thinking: I’ve created a summer schedule for the boys and have a strong desire to stick with it. This means my ‘puter time will also be limited as I’m going to try really hard to keep these guys busy all day. So my plan is to check in mornings and night and that’s it. That should be plenty. I hope.

I Am Hoping: We hear something back from the Ins. company. Please standby for soapbox post on this. Your welcome, for sparring you my rants in this post.

From The Kitchen:
Monday- Fried Fish
Tuesday- Roast
Wednesday- Burgers on The Grill
Thursday- Fajitas
Friday- Leftovers

I’m Now Reading- I finished Home by Julie Andrews, it was enjoyable and not my usual read. I finally got The Book Thief after a good 2 month wait from the library. So far it’s very interesting.

I Am Creating- Something hopefully to entertain you guys for next week. Look for that Wednesday…hint…hint.

Around The House- I need to get back on the lawn up keep, yet another ending job.

Plans For The Week- I’m pretty much stuck at home all this week until the ins. co. gets their butts in gear. I hope also that the land lady will mail us or drop off the pool key. Convenient that she forgot to give it to us when we moved in. The boys are dying to go to the pool…well I take that back, I’m dying to take them to the pool.

One of my favorite things: My hubs can be really awesome at the spur of the moment. For the longest time he has been anti bike for the kids. I know it’s crazy but if there’s one thing he’s paranoid about it is the kids safety. Where I’m pretty laid back, probably more than I should be.
Anyway… We went to big box toy store on Saturday for Bossy Boy and the hubs disappeared from us suddenly. Bossyboy found one or two things he wanted (it’s really hard for him to understand that Lego blocks varying in the age range of 7-12 is not suitable for him and he will get frustrated with it- he thinks the basic mega blocks are to babyish) We settled on Marvel Comics Chutes and Ladders and started looking for the hubs who was in, of all places the bike section. Bossy Boy jumped on a Spider Man bike with training wheels and took off. The hubs started thinking that it wouldn’t be fair for just one kid to have one so we let the big boys pick a bike too. Now I would have been beyond pleased at this point, but he took it to the next level and told me to pick out a bike as well, we all need to be able to bike with the kids around the neighborhood. Woot! I found a perfect simple bike and it was purple. Score. The hubs is also going to get a bike but he couldn’t find one that was the right height that didn’t have gay colors or look to flashy. My challenge for the rest of the week is to put the bikes together. 2 down 2 to go. This is not a simple task.

Picture Thoughtcandleblower 6 3 09
This pic cracks me up. It makes me want to say: We will pump you up!


5 thoughts on “The Day Book

  1. LOVE that pic, too cute 🙂

    I would say putting together bikes (in the plural, no less) is a huge HUGE task!! I am very impressed you are doing it! 🙂

    I really WANT to stick to our schedule (recently revamped for summer too) but I have a feeling I won’t. I am such a loser… :-p

  2. I came by to invite you to link with your daybook –
    that’s when I saw your post from today about your husband’s job.
    Please know that I surely will be holding you and your family heavenward in my prayers tonight.

    I’ve added a Mr. Linky at Grandmother Wren’s to make it easier for the Summer Daybook ladies to find and visit one another while Peggy is on vacation.

    Please stop by on Mondays to add your link!

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