So It Begins…

Today was the last day of school. Game Boy had a awards assembly followed by a hot dog luncheon.
I got my first hand experience of  long drawn out ceremonies,  sitting through class after class, kid after kid. To think more of these to come times 3. I just thought about that while sitting patiently with a restless 5 year old (whoah that was weird to say), and the scary thing is, these things only get bigger and longer with time.

I also realized how very difficult it’s going to be, to be in 3 places at once next year. Not to mention two different schools. Sure it was fine when I was working and for all 3 kids to be at 3 different schools, because I didn’t attend even 1/4 of their activities. This year I haven’t missed a thing. Wonderboy’s award assembly doesn’t count, because I missed it on Tuesday thinking it was today…beats self on the head…why do I continue to do this to him?
Aren’t they precious? God bless Mrs. B. She’s completey lost her voice and is having a end of year party at her house tomorrow. A saint she is, or crazy.
We’re gonna miss her.  Crossing my fingers the next two win the teacher lottery.


4 thoughts on “So It Begins…

  1. Gosh it seemed like they were never going to get out of school! Ours ended over a week ago. We’ll be crying when it’s time to go back though! Looking forward to hearing of your summer plans. 🙂

  2. Isn’t that the truth! I truly feel that if your child gets the “good” teachers, it can make all the difference in the world with their attitudes and futures!

  3. I love that your child has his hands up in the air with the sign language for I love you. Priceless. Not sure if that’s what he was going for, but still cute.

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