I Built You Up Buttercup, Just To Let You Down.

I mentioned that I was going to show you the birthday decor with great thrill. Well,  like the title  states, this shin dig probably didn’t have near the effort put into it like the first 2. Such is life for the youngest.

I have a few confessions to make about this cake.
-I was out of baking powder and only had one box mix for the base (my planning was very poor for this) since I’m literally trapped at my house, because hubs is driving the only vehicle we own that is functioning properly, I had to make do. I used the magic Allrecipes ingredient generator to find recipes for cake that did not require baking powder. My results were quite limited. There was a strawberry cupcake recipe that looked promising. I categorized it as promising because the reviews were mixed. I hate mixed reviews. I don’t understand how there’s one side of reviewers that loved loved this cake and it delicious, and moist. Then there’s the other half who said blech, I’d rather eat broken glass than eat this cake. I often wonder if people make it their life mission to tear people down even for just a simple cake recipe. In the past I give people the benefit of the doubt and have never had a problem with a recipe…until now. Uhm blech is all I can say.
-The next was the icing the cake. After baking 2 cakes all morning and getting the kitchen cleaned up, wrestling with dogs, and a conference call, I was spent. I iced this puppy when it came to the prongs of the lego (it was a lego cake in case you were wondering) I iced what was necessary to see and that was it. I’m sure it had to do with all that blue icing that was getting all over me and me of course licking said icing, that if I got any more on my hands and eat it, I might go into a sugar coma. I just could not do any more. Normally I eat the leftover icing by the spoonful and save it to put on graham crackers or anything else I can find. This time I literally sank the rest in the sink.

I am fond of my giant lego blocks I made. As you can also see, I did them a bit half a**  as well.

Then since I didn’t get a table cloth, I laid down this butcher paper and let the boys draw on it.  That was a hit for the most part.

The hubs did not get home until late from his retreat to the big bosses ranch where he slept in the car, so this was the excitment of the night…cake…just cake.

Hopefully this year we will get out to the big box toy store to let him pick out a few things. Unlike last year where he got nada. I only wish I were kidding.  He was ok with that for a few weeks knowing we’d go eventually. After a month had passed,  he finally asked if he was bad and that’s why he didn’t get presents. Please submit all mother of the year nominations to the proper committe.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “I Built You Up Buttercup, Just To Let You Down.

  1. That is too cute! I think you did a great job! You are very dedicated! Our big secret is that we rarely ever get the boys anything for birthday or Christmas. We hold the party and let the family members give the gifts. I’m sure they’ll notice someday, but for now….:)

  2. It look me a minute to figure out what it was because I have missed a heap load of your posts. I think the theme turned out really cute. I think you are an awesome mom for doing cute homemade things instead of store bought stuff. I still fondly remember cakes my mom made for me in my childhood.

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