I Feel I Have Neglected You On The Random

The Women’s notebook on Monday’s doesn’t count, that’s called “organized random” which is totally different.

-First of all, Thank you guys for making the big leap with me by traveling long and far with me to WordPress. I realize it was painful, cause who wants to make a few clicks for a silly blog like mine? Thank you for being a blog friend.
-I’m still adjusting to this new platform. The one thing I’m having the most trouble on is the coding. If I copy and paste a button in to a post, it doesn’t show up, it just becomes a little box that is clickable but no pic shows. I had a really hard time getting the buttons on the sidebar. I thought that the coding I did on the sidebar (once I figured I needed to insert width for the image) would work the same for a post but it’s not. I’m clueless. Any thoughts WordPress experts? (tapping foot)

-Tomorrow(Today..tomato… tomata) is my baby’s birthday. He’ll be 5…sniff. Look for postworthy decor pics. You know you can’t wait for that!

-You know what else I’m doing tomorrow/today? I get to sit in on a conference call with Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books and converse with Katherine Center on Everyone is Beautiful. How cool is that? I admit, I’m nervous as this isn’t something I do on a regular basis…you know sit in on conference calls and possibly converse with authors. The last time I sat in on a conference call it was work related, totally pointless and I wasn’t required to do anything but pretend to listen. I hope I can at least contribute something to the group. If not, Jennifer stated I can just listen. No pressure thank goodness!

-I have not heard back from the insurance company about the ‘burb. I mean I have, but nothing from the adjuster. He’s supposed to come sometime this week. Knowing my luck he’ll ring right at time for my important conference call, cause that’s how my luck runs.

-You may be disappointed with WW A-Z the letter N. I wanted a creative way to post about something “new” going on and this was the best way to do it. 🙂


One thought on “I Feel I Have Neglected You On The Random

  1. Hmmm are you typing in the HTML section? That could be part of your problem – also sometimes it’s easier to just insert the picture and do it manually. I’m not sure what method you are using so I’m sorry if that wasn’t any help at all – lol

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