I Meme Because I Can

I haven’t done an actual Meme Meme in awhile (I will totally dimiss the random music meme failure) so I figure what the hey, and because I can.
Thanks Jen!

-When I was a child… I was very very shy (still am today) even to shy to speak to aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. I’m better but not by much.

-I can’t imagine my life without…. Besides the obvious kids, hubs and family, I can’t imagine life without the internet (how did we surrvive before?) it really is the key to keeping me sane and connected.

-If I could anywhere, I’d be…some beach somewhere sucking down a refreshing beverage…maybe?

-If I could be on any gameshow or reality TV show what would it be? I’d love to be on Amazing Race just for the challenge and the travel, though I know the hubs and I would be that couple that rips each others throats out during stressful situations like say driving in foriegn places. I’d also love to be on Price Is Right..it’s kind of a childhood dream of mine.

-If a mysterious package arrived on my doorstep, I would hope it would be… My EA Fit..I’ve been waiting over a week for it and I’m getting concerned.

-My guilty pleasure is… dove caramel chocolate. My stash is out and I’ve resorted to a new low of left over Easter candy…sad I know. Eating out would be second. It’s a sickness I’m sure.

-I thought I never would… be so blessed to be a SAHM. Though, it’s not always soap operas and bon bons and the money is always tight; I just can’t see myself doing anything else and loving it so much.

-If a genie granted me 3 wishes Id wish for… The whole “money always tight” concern removed completely, That whole economy thing would be solved (look at me, I’m such a giver), that my kids grow up to be successful, happy people.

-You would never guess it but… I really do love my dog as much as the kids. I know it’s corny and I never ever would of thought myself as someone “like that” but it is what it is.


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