A Bender In The Fender

Today has been, how should I phrase this… interesting, crazy, stressful – all that and a bag of chips.
I had to run some errands with C’s ‘burb today, as my van’s brakes are on their last leg and the hubs does not want me driving it. I despise driving the ‘burb as it’s almost like driving a tank minus the front cannon. It’s big, it’s boxy and has no AC. When you have no other choice, you thank your lucky stars you have a back up vehicle and life goes on. (That’s what I keep reminding myself.)

As I was chugging along past Wally World (which is almost suicide to begin with when people are trying to make a left out of there and there’s horrible construction) some dude(ette) pulled out into me and plowed right into the side of the tank. Freaked out a little I was. This honest to goodness was the first accident I’ve ever been in. We pulled off to the side of the road in mid construction to assess the damages. The dude/ette was in hysterics. I was more freaked out by dudette than I was the accident in general. You just never know about people and their reactions to things.
I say dudette as nicely as I can, because I honestly thought “he” was a girl and when I asked his younger brother if “she” was ok, he corrected me that “she” was indeed a “he”. Ooops!
Anyway we sat on the side of the road each of us searching for a pen to exchange info. Neither of us had one. (I know- Camille your smirking at me, cause you would have certainly had a pen. I totally thought of you the whole time while I was searching. ๐Ÿ™‚
I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to call the police in such a case-obviously the answer is yes. I figure anyway since dudette was going spastic on the phone with his/her dad, it probably would be in my best interest as well as for my safety, to call the police, besides the police would have a pen.

20-30 minutes later the fire truck comes, along with the ambulance. I was specific on the phone that there were no injuries. I guess they have to be sure. I mentioned earlier that I don’t have an aggressive bone in me, I also hate to have any attention drawn to me. So here’s the firetruck, the ambulance and now 2 cop cars lined up along the road with construction. People of course are gawking. Ugh.. people don’t you have better things to look at than a dented side of a ‘burb?
Now I will say the fireman were worth the visit..aren’t they always? Hello nurse! …ahem

The firemen checked out Mr. Dudette and apparently he had just gotten out of the mental hospital a few days ago and was having a bit of a breakdown. I never spoke to him once. I only spoke to his brother who was sincerely apologetic for both his brother and the accident.

All is well though. I’m a bit sore now in my neck area, but I think its more stiff from tensing up than actual whiplash. It’s more annoying than painful…hopefully it stays that way err I mean goes away.
Now that the ‘burb is pretty much un driveable, with a broken headlight and fender that is possibly bent in the axle, that leaves us with the bat mobile which the inspection is out on. We took it in and it needs a rigmarole of stuff to fix before it will pass inspection. Crossing our fingers tomorrow that the brake dudes give us a decent estimate to fix the brakes. The hubs has to go to work of course, hence why we always had a back up vehicle, who knew we’d need a back up for the backups? Who knew all three cars would be un drivable all at the same time?


6 thoughts on “A Bender In The Fender

  1. Okay, no offense, but LMBO! He just got out of a mental hospital? LOL He shouldn’t have been driving! I just chuckled and chuckled.

    I hope you are feeling better today. And I hope you get a good deal on your brakes. I hate cars!

  2. Well isn’t that a bunch of shit! All three at once! Crap! I hope the break job is affordable! Really. I will pray for cheap breaks for you!
    And I’m glad no one was seriously hurt. (You’ll probably be more sore tomorrow, just take some ibuprofen.- You’re welcome! My bill is in the mail. Heh.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. That is funny! I hate to laugh at you, but that sounds exactly like something that would happen to us! I hope all goes well with the insurance adjustor.

  4. I know how awful accidents can be. Glad you are okay. I hope they give you a good settlement for it. And I know exactly where you are talking about since we just visited your local Popeye’s last week and checked out the area. It’s definitely not a fun place to be driving around.

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