Did I Really Do That?

I’m not a aggressive person even if it’s “required” of me. I tend to be more on the passive aggressive side. Even when I was in a position of authority to show “aggression” when needed (not that I ever needed to) at work, I just didn’t. It’s just not in my nature.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching various online colleges. These people are relentless to get you to go to their school. To get any kind of info on the school you have to fill out your life history, like your phone number, just for them to send some basic information. When all I really want to know is how much. My main intent is to get some kind of financial aid and right now I really am just looking cost wise.

The instant your information is submitted, they are calling you. 99% of the time I don’t answer the phone. If you can’t send me the information via mail or e-mail, than I really don’t want to talk to you. Last night the hubs made the mistake of answering the phone and handing it to me. The vultures were swooping in for the prey.
Mr Recruiter began the conversation by telling me that their school was different from other online schools, in that the school selects the students to be admitted so not just any Joe Bloe is allowed in. Basically they want to make sure your in it for the long haul and not drop out 3 months later. I understand that, it’s just business. No big deal. Honestly, I wasn’t overly interested in their particular program anyway, as they didn’t have the degree I specifically wanted; so I listened to his speill out of the kindness of my heart and played his little 20 questions game.
30 minutes into the conversation and I was at the end of my rope, ready to just hang up on the guy, but I’m not the aggressive type and kept plugging along. I was wishing for once my kids would actually have some kind of meltdown or someone break an arm just so I could get off the phone. Amazing how those things only happen when you can’t be bothered.
Then he asked the question, “When are you ready to start?”
I’m a traditionalist when it comes to normal college structure- in other words this is the beginning of summer and I only took summer college classes because I had to, not because I wanted to. I told the guy most likely in the fall..you know when normal people who have procrastinated and want a fresh start go back to college after 10 years. This was not a good answer for Mr. Recruiter. He immediately lectured me that now is the time to start, and if you were really interested in pursuing your career you should do it immediately as you’ve already wasted so much time. This was not the kind of answer I needed to hear. I don’t need Mr. Recruiter guy telling me that I’m a slacker and have wasted ten good years of not finishing school. I have my reasons dude, and I have done A OK with out your stinkin degree, thank you very much. He then began to say “Maybe this is not the school for you…blah ..blah..blah” I immediately told him he was absolutely right and I didn’t need his school as there were plenty of others that will be much happier to wait for me in the fall when I’m ready. I then hung up the phone.

I hadn’t felt that kind of adrenaline rush in a long time. I had to take a breather. The hubs was even impressed. Watch out world Jean is on a rampage.


4 thoughts on “Did I Really Do That?

  1. LOL! You go girl!! Seriously, tell them how it is! I have had to give people the whatfor on the phone before. It is not fun, but sometimes it just has to be done!!

  2. AWESOME! Love it. I am the same way… non-confrontational and not aggressive. I probably would have hung up on him, but I like your ending MUCH better.

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