The Simple Womans Day Book

Outside My Window: SUN! Glorious SUN! The rest of the week indicates SUN!

I am hearing: What does 3 pennies make? Hundreds of questions about money and addition. Have I mentioned that this kid of mine asks the WHY or WHAT DOES THAT MEAN questions non stop daily? Some of his questions are adorable others not so much. Stay tuned for a T-13 list of some of my favorites in the near future.

I am thinking: Chocolate anniversary cake is delicious no matter how “wreckie”. On a side note of the cake, it really wasn’t as wrecky as I reported, only just half a ton of icing pink flowers with these silver leaves and pink sprinkles. I have seen worse. Pics as soon as my mom gets them developed (yes I know, she hasn’t quite mastered the digital age yet) and e-mailed to me.

I am hoping: The weather stays pleasant for awhile.

From the kitchen: The hubs is out of pocket this week, which means kid friendly- don’t have to try very hard dinners.
Monday- baked chicken strips
Wednesday-fish sticks
Thursday- Grocery day

I’m reading: The Host and still loving it. It has gotten to that point where I can’t put it down as it rolls to the end. It’s a love/hate relationship with books like this, as you absolutely must keep reading to know what happens next, but at the same time you hate for it to end.

I am creating: Summer plans/schedules for the kids. I’m not just going to let them hang loose around the house all summer. It’s going to be interesting for me and them as this is the first summer that I’m “camp counselor” and have to entertain, feed, and educate all day. I’m really hoping I can stick with my guns and go with the schedule. Kids need structure, ya know?

Around the house: I have to clean out the hubs ‘burb this week. He is going to a work retreat at the big cheese’s ranch. The problem is the big cheese does not have enough rooms at his guest ranch house for everyone, so some of the guys have volunteered to sleep in their cars, the hubs included. Let’s just say this is going to be quite a challenge as we never really officially removed everything out of the ‘burb from the move. Plus it’s just nasty junkie in there.

Plans for the week: It’s a busy week this week with school winding slowly down. I’m hoping Laurie and I are going on our IKEA Vlog adventure soon. Also Gameboy has his music performance Tuesday, field day is Thursday, and they finally set up kindergarten round up for this week. Have you noticed that there is not a word of swine flu mentioned whatsoever? It’s like it never even happened.

One of my favorite things: The hubs and I went to see Star Trek over the weekend. The hotties in the movie for Captain Kirk and Spock made the movie extra enjoyable. I’m not a big Trekkie fan at all, but this one I really enjoyed. I’m thinking because it was more modern and told how the crew came together and they were young and hot and well, hot..I mentioned that already didn’t I?

A Picture Thought: We recycle!


2 thoughts on “The Simple Womans Day Book

  1. I think you guys need to buy stock in Capri Suns! My boys would go nuts if we had that many Capri Suns. Basically I only buy them if we are having friends come over and I don’t want them to have to choose between milk and water. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the summer. You are so good at that stuff!

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