VLogging On My Mind

When I get crazy ideas in my head while I’m trying to sleep, the best cure for that is to jump out of bed and start blogging it down. This time Vlogging is really on my mind.

First of all I’m thinking, once I got over the initial thought of seeing myself on video and not gagging, I probably would actually like it. Whoah that’s a concept. I mean it’s not like I would be watching myself all the time or anything, unlike reading the blog. I annoy myself enough reading about me, I don’t need to watch me all the time either.

Secondly, imagine all of the relief of the grammar natzis and comma police, simply because Jean is not typing out her drivel, she’s videoing it. I’m sure you’d all be sending up a Amen for that. Though sadly the reprcussion would be you’d now have to watch my drivel. I’m really not sure which would be worse.

Thirdly, there’s really not a third.
I have stirred up some ideas in my head on what to Vlog.
Laurie’s thought on the hummus experiment would be stellar Vlog material in my opinion. Dontchyathink?
Then of course IKEA ’09 here we come.
I was also thinking of like a 2 minute Tuesday, where I’d Vlog something really random (as usual) of the day in life of me for 2 minutes. I know, what a freakin concept?! I frighten myself with my ideas. I really think 2 minutes is all anyone can take of my drivel on video.

I have no idea why I’m even mentioning all of this, when I DONT EVEN HAVE A SWEET MINI FLIP VIDEO CAMERA (in a sassy color of course)! You needs to know I’m working really hard to win one of these suckers. When I do, watch out Vlog world here I come. This has been your warning to head for the hills now.


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