I picked up the wrong book at the library today. Right author wrong book. They should never put Author of (in really small print) Red Tent(in big) and then cover the actual title with the library tags. This was on both the binding and the cover. I thought it was odd when I grabbed it. It was thinner than I expected and white with a woman on a bridge. That probably should have given me a clue. Yeah..not so much.
I had to crack it open in carpool to get my first head start. I started in on the first chapter and it struck me odd that it would be talking about a librarian getting a massage. I thought maybe this is some kind of prelude, because librarians are smart and would possibly talk to their masseuse about red tents that house women on their periods. Right? Right. I kept looking at the top where the title showed Good Harbor. Because I’m the type of person who denies my stupidity (because it is so rare) I believed this to be the first section of the book. I finished that chapter and started the next. This one started in on another woman who bought some beach front property. That’s when I started to take a clue and get a closer look at the book. Yeah well you can’t win them all.
Normally I’m lazy and will reserve the book online so that I can just grab it and not have to deal with the biddies upstairs. This notion is all well and good when a person’s account is never on hold due to overdue library books…ahem.
Then there’s my other lazy method. I ask the librarian and she goes right to it and hands it to me. Yes, I will then ask her to search for another. I’m sure they get really annoyed with this but I figure it’s their job and it gets me outta there faster when I have a 4 year old in tow. What, you say I should just look it up on the library computer? That would be waaay to easy. Don’t you know my motto has always been do it the hard way because the other way is the wrong way. I always apply this philosophy to math. These librarians are vying for their jobs right now and I’m trying to do my salt pinch part by keeping these ladies working.
Today I put my big girl pants on myself and remembered the authors names (albeit I got them mixed up on who wrote which) and found the books myself. I deserve two stars just for remembering the names and another for actually finding them, minus one star for the pesky wrong book. Bummer.


2 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. OK. My math’s a little shaky… but I figure with all the plus stars and minus stars, totaled, you get an A for effort. 😉
    That’s my final score.

  2. oh that just stinks – and now you have to go back to get the right book – ugh! And heck yes make those librarians do some work for you – they know exactly where things are after all!

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