Two Turtles On A Log- By Gameboy

“This is no fair!” muttered Sam.
“Yeah,” added Tucker. “$200 for a comic book!” (Sigh)
“The king is greedy. ” mumbled Sam under his breath.
“I think we should run away.” exclaimed Tucker. They couldn’t buy any rides but they were desperate. So they stole the kings log but the royal guards saw them escaping. “Get them!” ordered the guards. The guards tripped and fell and now Sam and Tuckers adventure begins.

(Sigh) Why did I go on this lousy ride?” complained Tucker. “There’s nothing to do.” “Well, things are about to get fun and scary because I’ve got bad news,” said Sam. “We’re headed for a waterfall!” screamed Sam. “What are we going to do?” “I don’t know!” he yelled. “You better or we will fall!” “Row back!” Shouted Tucker. “I’m trying, but it’s stuck.” “I’m to young to die!” shouted Tucker. (Scream) (Splash) (Sputter)
“Well at least we didn’t die.” Sam yelled. “Yeah that helps” interrupted Tucker. “We ended up on this stranded island!” Then a giant grin spread on their faces. “Oh yeah!” sang Sam. (Dancing) Suddenly I’m Cabdoza de Vaca!” as he put a flag on the land.

-I realize from this story that the apple does not fall far from the tree, when it comes to random incoherentness and improper grammar usage.
This story just cracked me up and thought I’d share for historical documentation purposes. This year they have been drilling these kids in preparation for the writing part of the TAKS test.
This kid loves to write and has some awesome story ideas. The problem is he has so many thoughts going on in his mind that to get it all on paper, it just kind of shows up like a big jumble. I imagine him to be a great writer someday. You know cause I’m one of those parents that live vicariously through their kids.


One thought on “Two Turtles On A Log- By Gameboy

  1. Wow the ideas really are endless (and fantastic). Teamed with a great editor, yeah this kid could go places! 🙂

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