5MFM- Photo Angles

5 Minutes for Mom has a new feature about photography. This week is all about angles. I took a few random shots of the dog the other day from various angles..primarily at his level. I had fun even if he is a bit more challenging than even the kids.


9 thoughts on “5MFM- Photo Angles

  1. Woah yeah, pets are as hard as little kids – if not harder! =D I like the way that you experimented. And I do like the first shot with the nose in focus. It almost makes me wish (ALMOST) that I had a pet to play around with some shots like that! But I’ll take my two year old instead, I guess. ;D

    Thanks for participating and playing along! It was fun to see your post!

  2. love the nose picture.

    I find that our dogs are extremely hard to take pictures of. They just want to be right ontop and in the lense. Very frustrating.

  3. I really liked the last photo. There was a spirit of “action” in it. Great! Love this new column too so much fun seeing everyone’s photos. Swing by my site to see mine too!

  4. That first one is really neat looking. I took a few of my cat after reading the 5minutesformom post this morning but I didn’t use themm in my post. 😦

  5. I can’t figure out why I can’t see certain pictures that you take. Some of them don’t pull up for me. It’s no surprise given my lack of technical skills. 🙂

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