Oops…My Bad!

In a whirl wind weekend I’m back!

First I must get this out there. Remember when I mentioned the ikebays? Yeah, well there was a misunderstanding. You see, Santa actually didn’t purchase the ikebays, he just looked at them. Now I don’t know if I’ve gotten like my husband and only hear certain words I want to hear and the rest is BLAH BLAH BlAH but I totally thought he said he bought them when all he said was that he looked at them. Big difference!
Your probably wondering didn’t you take a look at them? There wasn’t time. I assumed they were in the ‘burb all this time and that I’d get to gander at them eventually.
How did I finally find out there would be no ikebays under the tree? In Target this morning while we were purchasing some last minute gifts. The conversation finally came up. Dang, and I thought we were pretty much done. Did you know that it’s virtually impossible to find bikes of various sizes for 3 boys? Oh and there’s the other thing of sneaking them in the back of the rental car and have them not notice them. At least we didn’t have to worry about that part, since we didn’t find any bikes the correct size anyway. All to big.
It looks like we wont get another shop with no kids opportunity until after Christmas. My MIL who always comes down the week of Christmas may not make it down until Christmas day. Therefor no Pre-Christmas shopping spree. Oh well. We needed to keep things to minimal anyway.
Thankfully I did my Amazon shopping and also got the Didj. We picked up a few specific requested items the boys wanted (video games). They should be good in a scaled back way. Which is good.
We’re pretty much done. I don’t have anything for the hubs and I don’t have anything for my MIL. I was thinking of making her some kind of de co pouge photo something or other but don’t know. The hubs I say will be easy. He wants a bunch of new DVDs.

I’ll be back later or Monday for more of a random weekend thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Oops…My Bad!

  1. The shopping is the part I dislike most. I would rather make things for people. Or you know, buy them stuff when the store isn’t to darn busy! :-p

  2. Oh that’s a bummer on the ikebays, I know you were excited about that!

    I think I’m still in denial that Christmas is actually coming and SOON!

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