We’re No Rocket Scientists

I really wish I could tell you this won’t be a random post but I’d be lying.
I’m trying to get a whole lot done in a small amount of time and it’s not working out so well. I really shouldn’t complain about the little time cause that’s not really true.
I think I’m just hormonal and whiney and in the “don’t wanna” mode. I’ve been trying really hard not to whine here all the time. I guess every woman is allowed a weeks worth of whine once a month right?

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get the science fair projects done. We’re so close yet so far away. Hubs took the printer to work for some unknown reason and we really need the printer. So I’m at a standstill on both projects.
Did I mention we (I) have two projects now to do? They gave Wonderboy his SF project a few weeks ago, due the same week as Gameboys (Dec 5). I’m thinking this is why they got a week off for Thanksgiving.
Were doing magnets, simple enough for us (him). This is all new to both boys and Wonderboy is going to be a struggle to deal with on the focus part of getting this done and him doing as much work on it as his random brain can handle will be a challenge as well. Gameboy was hard enough.
I will certainly blog our master pieces when it’s done. Possibly science fair day when it’s all set up. Honestly I’m not looking for them to score a ribbon or anything and will try my best to not go into psycho gotta have awesome project to win mode. Next year we’ll work on a more “challenging” project. Something tells me we’re no where near the end on these things. By the time Bossyboy is in school we will own the Science Fair.


3 thoughts on “We’re No Rocket Scientists

  1. I’m trying really hard not to be jealous cause I’m sure it’s exhausting, but it sounds so frakkin fun to me. 😛

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