Tackle It Tuesday- Preschool/Craft Area

I have now figured out that the moment I tell myself I need to get such and such done and then think of an excuse to put it off, I turn the chore into a Tackle It Tuesday. This may be the only way to get anything done around here. Whatever works!

This week was a rather simple yet tedious tackle. The pre-school activity books and school/craft supplies were pretty much just thrown into a cabinet. When I would need something specific, I’d have to dig everything out to find it which would waste precious home pre-school time.

I took everything out of the cabinet I needed and sorted everything out on the floor. Here’s the chaotic before pile:
I guess I got so preoccupied with digging in that I forgot the before shot of the craft box. You can see it in the above picture. Here’s the after:

This drawer used to house our socks. Since our old house had an upstairs, it was easier to store all of our socks downstairs in the laundry/mud room, so I wouldn’t have to march up and down the stairs just to get socks. Since we no longer have that problem, I turned into the pre school/craft supply drawer. Works wonderfully and everything is right there at my finger tips. Now I have to transfer and refold socks and put them in their proper drawers. That will be another tackle for another day.

The top container has the craft supplies. Top drawer crayons, markers, writing utensils, glue and scissors. 2nd drawer paper items. 3rd work books.

So much better!

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