Ya’ll Want Some Cookies?

Ya’ll want some cookies? I’ve got plenty.

I mentioned awhile back that Gameboy had a science project. I We decided that I we would bake 3 different batches of cookies and exclude an ingredient in two batches and also bake a “control” batch.

I’m normally not one to experiment with recipes when it comes to baking. I’m a follow the rules kind of girl and any kind of substitute or subtraction is sacrilegious. This little experiment was a good learning experience for both of us. Would you believe I really did learn something! I learned that the cookies are not going to explode in the oven if you leave out a key ingredient.

We did one batch with out salt and one with out vanilla and then had our “victims” primarily the hubs, taste each kind and see if he could guess which cookie did not have the certain ingredient. He got it wrong.
I had Gameboy give me a blind taste test..since I was the primary baker and we had each batch labeled for testing. I wanted to see if I could tell, plus I really deserved some cookies after baking all day. I was able to correctly guess them all. Woot!

The big surprise to me was the batch that I totally left out the salt and used unsalted butter, it was by far the best batch. I could really taste the salt in the batch with no vanilla. I’m not sure why that was..possibly my baking assistant had a hand in that.
I’m really thinking the next time I bake cookies; if I’m using salted butter, I’ll skip the salt and if using unsalted butter, I’ll add the salt. Maybe this is something you guys knew all along. The more you know…


3 thoughts on “Ya’ll Want Some Cookies?

  1. Those look delish! Any chance you could send some my way? πŸ™‚
    Interesting tip on the salt! I never buy unsalted butter since we go through butter so fast anyway I just use what we have for cookies. I’ll have to try the no salt thing next time.
    I also wonder if it’s because chocolate chip cookies take so much better. I think there are other kinds that don’t take as much. Interesting concept.

  2. They look great and it was a learning experience, which I’m pretty sure makes them healthy (in my twisted mind anyway)!

    Feel free to email me a cookie – those are also good for you πŸ™‚

  3. “The more you know…” I am rollin!!

    It sounds like a FAB experiment!!! I wanna test them!! πŸ˜‰

    I always leave the salt out. I use salted butter most of the time too. But I don’t pay much attention to recipes. So my cookies are always an experiment! LOL!

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