Tackle It Tuesday-Office/Guest Room

I always feel more accomplished and have more accountability when I blog about my challenges around the house. Maybe I feel I don’t get enough appreciation for what I do at home and need the Internet to pat me on the back and say “Good Job!” Thank goodness for Tackle It Tuesday to fufill that need.
My tackle for this week was the Office/Guest Room.

Some of you may remember my move and how I was driving all over North Texas to find my new home while my hubs was directing mover traffic and basically telling them to put everything either in the garage or in our 4th bedroom the office/guest room. I really appreciated that. Not.

(Can you spot the dog? He somehow snuck in there unbeknownst to me. He’s my shadow, I usually never realize he’s there anymore because he’s always there.)

Most of this stuff was already organized and in boxes. I sorted through what we did actually need. The majority of it was hub’s computer stuff. That was neatly shoved placed in the office closet. I also organized Halloween, Easter, and excess Christmas stuff into bins and labeled them and placed them in the top shelf of the same closet for easy access. Oops I forgot to photograph the closet.

The other stuff were items that belonged in the garage.

With the help of slave child labor to run around the house and put excess stuff where it needed to go, we got this done in a record 45 minutes.

I realize I have 15 dozen lamps in here and don’t need them. I don’t have any place else I need to put them and they will remain here for now.
We’re now looking into snagging a decent sofa bed for the “guest” part of the room. It’s still a work in progress. Good enough for now.

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