It’s Just One Of Those Days

I don’t know if it’s the time change or that I’m just tired, but I’m tired. The day has certainly felt longer.
I attempted a semi nap this afternoon while Bossyboy watched Scooby for the 415th time. Just as I was getting right there to being asleep, hubs came waltzing in. Very odd time for him.

You ever have one of those moments where you felt like you were caught doing something you shouldn’t have; even though you were doing nothing at all…but napping. I kinda had that moment.

I’ve been very unproductive today. It took all the energy I had to pull together some kind of pre-school lesson. Something is better than nothing. I feel that’s the most important thing I must accomplish each day.

I then had to make an impromptu trip to Wally World. Apparently Gameboy had so out grown his shoes that the top of his shoe was rubbing his feet to give him blisters. It was sweet of him to make me aware of it this morning instead of yesterday, when I was already at Wally World. I think I’m in some kind of denial that their feet only grow twice a year. I’m now under the impression that it’s probably more like four times a year. Sigh.

I’m trying to make up for my unproductivity today by making chicken and noodles. I hope it will give me that perk I need. It sounds delish anyway.

Lastly to all my blog friends: I’m sorry you have had to endure the tidal wave of political ads lately. That’s one thing I have not missed since we’ve been with out T.V. I feel kind of out of the loop and would really like to witness the election coverage in real time television. I’m just hoping there will be some kind of live feed on CNN or the other news.coms.

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy the evening and may our vote be registered loud and clear on what America really wants for this country.


One thought on “It’s Just One Of Those Days

  1. Hey. It’s been forever and ever since I’ve been out blog visiting… I love the new look. You’ve probably had it for weeks. 🙂

    It turned cool here in Florida for a coupla three days (as my Southern grandma would say), and I had to go to Target on lunch last Monday to buy the toddler some long pants. That very night, her brother mentioned that he didn’t have any jeans. Couldn’t have mentioned that efore? Noooo.

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