A Little Miffed…

I’ve had this strange quesiness the past couple weeks about trash day. I know what your saying, trash day?
Last week I missed our trash day. I was told on the phone when setting up my water/sewage that it was Tuesdays. I didn’t take it out, as something told me Tuesday wasn’t trash day. I have good intuition about these strange kind of things and I was right. Wednesday is trash day and they come at 7AM. Needless to say I missed it.
When you move and unpack you accumulate a lot of trash. Both bins were full. I was trying to do my good deed of recycling the boxes that were in bad shape..hence why both bins. A lot of those boxes had been through 3 or 4 moves. It was time to go to recycle heaven. I also had a large box of packing peanuts and other boxes along with two more bags of trash. These items would not fit in the bins.
This morning I felt very uneasy about the trash situation. Sure I had it all out last night so they could come at the crack of dawn to dispose of it. Yet something told me that they wouldn’t take anything that wasn’t in the bin. I noticed that no one had any kind of trash outside of the bin either, except the house down the street that was trying to get rid of their junk and it didn’t get picked up. Maybe this is what gave me a clue. It’s not like I was trying to get rid of old couches or a refrigerator, just run of the mill trash…that is bagged.
We left for the library and lunch returning to find my excess trash still out and my box of peanuts scattered all over the street. Did I mention that it’s rained the last couple of days? Wet peanuts are like mush. I picked up my remaining trash and put it all in the bins. My bin is full again just from the excess trash they didn’t pick up. We only have one trash day. Now I have to wait another week to dispose of 2-3 weeks of old trash and what am I supposed to do with the rest of this week and next weeks trash? Sigh.
Needless to say I felt a bit defeated. How is one supposed to keep a fairly presentable home if they can’t get rid of their trash?
Sorry I just had to vent.


5 thoughts on “A Little Miffed…

  1. ugh.. awful.. Maybe you can call the city and see what to do.. I know here we are aloud 3 bags of trash a week.. but if we have extra we can buy some sort of yellow tag and put on our extra and then they will pick it up with our normal trash on trash day. I had to do that a time or two when I missed trash day and ours only gets picked up once a week also.

  2. Oh that is a pain! Do you know where a dump is and if they have a free day? Ours does. We take all our excess on the free day.

  3. LOL When we moved, we had bags of trash sitting in the garage for several weeks because the garbage can was full. It took, I think, 4 weeks before we were caught up. We just tied up the bags and let them sit in the garage. Yummy smells!

  4. Wow. I wonder if they do any kind of extra pickup for when you first move in? I know they were very understanding about that here. And every year after Christmas they do an awesome job of picking up all of the extra boxes and packing stuff that everyone has piled around their trash container too. Maybe you could call and see if they’d do an extra pickup for you?

    I hope it can all get straightened out! I hate having a full trash container at the beginning of the week. 😦

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