Thursday 13- Random Brain Dump

1. This will be my last post until at least Monday. I know your disappointed that it’s a T13. Thanks for all your best wishes on this move. I know everything will be fine. I just hate the overwhelmingness of it all and that I’ve done most of this packing stuff on my own. At least hubs did do the hard part and decide on the house.

2. I’ve got so many check lists and re check lists in my little moving notebook that I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

3. I never realized the stringent ordinances of housing associations. I take that back I did..I just never realized how specifically stringent. They require you to use a specific electric company. SrSly? This will definitely be a eye opener.

4. My biggest fear is that my neighborhood will be a bunch of stuck up soccer SAHMs and that I won’t fit in at all. Typical new neighbor jitters. I’m used to living in the white trash ghetto where the frat boys have their parties on random Wednesday nights and it’s “no big deal”. This new neighborhood would probably get their panties in a major wad if you have more than 4 cars parked in the driveway.

5. My parents are coming tomorrow, which I’m totally relieved to get a little assistance.

6. Today I’ve just sat and stared in overwhelmth (yes it’s a word in WM247 world) wondering, what the heck I should pack now? This has been a challenge as I still have to “live” and if I pack to much and then need it, it becomes a pain in the butt. I had planned to make spaghetti for dinner the other night. Not realizing that I had packed the essential giant pot to boil the noodles. A small pot in my mind just would not work. So I used Ramen Noodles and cooked them in the microwave. Spaghetti sauce and Ramen is interesting to say the least. The boys loved it though.

7. I’m going to try to wait til the very very last minute to pack up the computer(s) yes more than one. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

8. I’m kicking myself for not posting ads on Craigslist sooner. I probably could have easily sold a bunch of stuff just there, instead of just giving it to good will. The best thing is it’s free to post an ad. I’ve told you of my love for Craig before, this just sealed the deal.

9. My parents are taking my cat as one pet is really enough for us. I’m a little sad about that, but I think he’ll enjoy exploring their place. He may not like the fact that he’ll have to bunk in the garage. We’ll see how it goes.

10. I was able to fill out a voter registration form for change of address. The plan is to get it mailed out tomorrow just in time before cut off. I assume I’ll need to update my driver’s license before then too. Most likely it wouldn’t fly to well to try and vote with a different license address. I’ve never updated my license within a month of moving. Call me crazy. The funny thing is that every time I do finally update my license we move within 3-6 months of the change.

11. Here may be a little shocking news for you guys. We decided to go ahead and let the boys do public school, instead of me homeschooling. I will “home school” BossyBoy. I honestly think that’s all I could handle. There was lots of weighty issues to decide. We finally put it back on the boys and they decided they wanted to go to public school. I’ll post more on our decision later.

12. On that last note. I’m planning on getting an online degree. I know it’s probably cheesy to do one of those but I figure it can’t hurt and I’m really hoping to use this to my advantage to work from home.

13. I just wanted to also share with you my mini joy, cause I know you guys understand that it’s the little things that make you do a jig. I got a post card from our lovely water/sewage/trash dudes saying that bulk trash pick up would be on Monday. These things only happen every quarter, and I have lots o trash to get rid of. Sssh don’t tell the hubs the crap I plan to throw away. A box full of old printers comes to mind.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 13- Random Brain Dump

  1. I hope that getting it all out somehow destressed you, even a little. It will be fine and the neighborhood will love you. Don’t worry. And congrats on doing the online degree, why not? That’s great. Lots of hugs coming your way.

  2. “overwhelmth” !!!! hahahaha You so make me laugh every time 😉

    Hey, on homeschool vs public school; it is totally what you are comfortable with ya know!

    My kids were in ps for several years.

    I think an online degree sounds awesome. Maybe I should try that. But I would need financial aid, so it prolly wouldn’t fly! :-p

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