Thursday 13-Things I’ve Never Done

I got to thinking the other day on the odd things that I have never done that the average person probably has done and never really thought twice about it. Here’s a random list of things I’ve done and just recently did, things I just never have done, and things I never will do ever ever. At least I’m not mentioning anything about packing or house hunting.

1. I’ve never checked into a hotel/motel by myself. Hubs has always been the one to check in. I finally did this, this past Friday. Hence where this post idea came from. I realize that it’s the minuscule things that amuse me and also I realize the fact that I don’t get out much on my own.

2. I’ve never bought booze by myself at the liquor store. I of course have bought me a drink at the bar/restaurant but never actually went to a liquor store to purchase it by myself. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact we live in a dry county and the closest L. store is a good 30 miles away.

3. I’ve never tried a puff on a cigarette ever; even in my most intoxicated state and everyone around me smoking and offering a smoke. I’ve always refused. We won’t get into my odd short comings when it comes to peer pressure or my stupidity as a youth.

4. Going along with number 3, I also have never purchased cigarettes even if it were to be for someone else. Not gonna do it.

5. I’ve never had a car payment. I know, odd. My cars have always either been graciously given to me, cause my parents spoiled me rotten or we have always paid cash for our vehicles. Honestly, the thought of a car payment makes me ill.

6. I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme donut straight from the donut shop, where it is supposedly the best time to get one, when it’s nice and hot. They still taste pretty darn good, even second hand from Wally World. Now I’m craving donuts.

7. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel. I can remember practicing and practicing for days and days and just never could get my legs to straighten out. The funny thing about this, is my old office had a long hallway from one end to the other and I always had this crazy urge to just do cartwheels all the way down. How crazy would I look “trying” to do a cartwheel? I did encourage another co-worker to skip down the hallway with me once. Close enough I guess.

8. I’ve never skied of any kind. Snow ski or water ski. It just never was anything I desired to do.

9. I’ve never broken a bone. Knock on wood, it’s amazing as klutzy as I am.

10. I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle. 4 wheeler yes, but that doesn’t count.

11. I’ve never been a brides maid. My closest friend eloped and the others we were either out of touch or to far out of town.

12. Here’s an odd one. I’ve never won a trophy for anything. Probably because the only organized sport I did play..I sucked at it. Tennis anyone?

13. Finally. I’ve never gotten a ticket. Again knocking on wood. I’ve come so freaking close it’s not even funny. Once the cop made a full U turn and came up straight behind to pull me over while I was sitting at a red light. I knew I was going to be nailed for an out dated sticker. The odd thing was he never turned on his lights when he came up behind me. Before the light changed, he must have gotten another call, because he pulled out and turned back where he came.


5 thoughts on “Thursday 13-Things I’ve Never Done

  1. i’m either REALLY bad… or you’ve not yet lived… short of never being a bridesmaid, i’ve done all of those… 😀

  2. Never been a bridesmaid?? That is the only one I find odd. I went through a spurt where I was a brides maid a bunch of times in a year..that was those early marriages when you have your friends in your time goes on though I noticed they became more of a “family” thing.

  3. What a fun (and random) list/idea! I “broke” the bone in my pinky toe when I was in fourth grade. But it was really more of a muscle pulled a bone fragment off… does that count or not? 🙂
    I’d never had stitches though until I was 23, that was random!
    Oh, and I was a bridesmaid 6 times before I got married (and not since). You’re lucky, you don’t have 6 ugly random dresses to do something with!
    I’ve never smoked or bought cigs, and I never had a car payment either until I got married and “inherited” my hubby’s. But we paid it off quick!
    Fun times!

  4. Hmm, I’ve never done #2, #3, #4, or #10 either. But, I have checked into hotels by myself (mostly back when I traveled for work), had car payments pretty much constantly since after college, and I broke my wrist when I was in 2nd grade. Oh and I used to be able to do cartwheels when I was younger (and weighed much less). I tried doing on this summer and just about killed myself. 😉

    I’ve skied – again when I was a kid. My dad was big into both water skiing and snow skiing. I haven’t done either in about 20 years now though. I’ve been a bridesmaid twice, and I did win trophies for bowling, of all things. 🙂

    Great list!

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