An Update

The update is there is no update. Doesn’t that sound familiar?
I have to make this quick as I have no battery power since hubs accidentlly put my charger in his bag and he’s at work.

We’ve looked at two houses so far.

The first was a “Flip This House” kind of house. It was built in the 1930’s and was totally revamped. It’s a 5 bedroom gigantic house. The price is reasonable with a rent to own option (which is what we’re looking for) this makes us nervous. It’s in a sorta shady neighborhood but better than then the frathouse ghetto we’re in now. A train is a block away and it runs pretty regularly. Did I mention it’s gigantic and cheap?

The second house is a first time buyers dream house. 4 bedroom in a very very nice little town that’s booming. It actually reminds us of our to big for it’s britches town, but this one is still kinda small but has everything you could possibly need.
The neighborhood is in a typical suburban cookie cutter house neighborhood. It’s on the pricier end of our price range. We would have the option to rent for the time being until we could secure a loan. We’re in a major hurry so renting would have to happen for now. The rent is still on the high end though.

Right now were pretty much in the still looking mode. We want to get with a loan officer and just see what they can do for a first time home buyer that doesn’t have perfect credit. We’ll se how that goes.

Thats all I got for now. Battery is dying and I gotta get back to “Craig” we practically have an interent relationship going if you know what I mean. 😉


2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I love your no-update! 😉

    Good luck on finding a house. It has to be difficult to go through them all and find one that is right for you!

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