Better Safe Than Sorry

Im headed up North (OK) just to be sure. When hubs says to go.. we go. Im sure everything will be fine. We mainly think the biggest thing to occur is power outage and lot of rain.
So I finally get a full weekend off and yet no real relaxing nor cleaning. Oh well I got all the time in the world now.
Thanks for all the “keep safe thoughts”.

See you on the flip side when I’m a true real life SAHM!


5 thoughts on “Better Safe Than Sorry

  1. Okay, I must confess…I’m completely and totally jealous. A SAHM? Sigh….for me, it will never be so….I really wanted to stay home with Logan 😦
    But I’m happy for you! What a blessing.

  2. I hope you guys stay safe and that everything is ok!!

    Congrats on your last day at work – I’m sorry I’m a bit behind. Congrats on being a SAHM! 🙂

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