*I wrote this letter last year and have decided I’ll post it every year on my hubby’s birthday-the letter is the same only the title has changed.*

Dear Birth Family,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for making the hardest most unselfish decision a person could possibly make in their life. You chose to give your own precious baby the gift of life and to give that life to someone else whom you felt could take better care.
Had you chosen other alternatives or to even keep your precious little one for your own; the adoptive parents lives, my life, and my children’s life would be unknown. You gave the gift of life to a couple who would never be able to create life on their own. You gave them a joy for a life they would have never had nor known. If you could only have seen the happiness that is and was theirs for this precious boy. That they would love and provide for him in a way that maybe you would not have been able to give. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving them the greatest gift of all a gift of life, a gift of love like no other. A gift not many would choose to give.
Your son will be 38 today. He of course is a grown man. He’s married, has 3 boys, has a very good job doing what he’s very good at and loves to do. He’s expressive and driven in everything he does and thinks. He has aspirations and dreams that I could never think of.
I believe you would be so proud not only of him but of the young couple who received your precious gift and raised him to be who he is today. Their gratitude, my gratitude, his kid’s gratitude knows no bounds.
I hope you have no worries or regrets and that you know in your heart of hearts it was all for the very best.
Thanks again.
The wife of your son.

Happy Birthday Honey!


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