We Interrupt The Previous Post For A Random Thought

**btw this multiple posting may happen frequently this week..Your all I have internets and I get a little lonely**

I’m sitting here watching the Olympics and a commercial for the Chevy Hybrid comes on. Has anyone else seen it? Some hunka hunka of a dude is shirtless ironing and making reservations for his anniversary. All I want to know is What The Heck? What does he have to do with the Chevy Hybrid? Not that I’m complaining, I’m just trying to figure out what it has to do with the price of tea in China?

Is the dude talking about his car, his anniversary/love for the car? Why is he ironing a bunch of shirts? What the heck is going on at the end of the commercial? Is he cooking something? I can’t tell what it is. Anyone know? Bueller? Bueller?

Also, does anyone else keep thinking the gymnastics has been rigged in China’s favor? To many mistakes and yet they beat out USA, who does way better.

** Now back to your regular scheduled post already in progress.**


3 thoughts on “We Interrupt The Previous Post For A Random Thought

  1. It’s eye candy for us women, or more commonly known as porn for women. And at the end? He is scrubbing out the toilet! Oh, it doesn’t get much better than that. And honestly, the fact that you know what kind of car they are advertising is amazing because I am too busy drooling to notice! LOL

  2. First. Haven’t seen the commercial, but don’t knock a handsome guy without a shirt. Just sayin.

    Second. I am SO JEALOUS that you are so skinny and can contemplate finishing off a whole bag of cheetos. HOW is that fair to the rest of us who have to count every point? :-p hehe

    Third. Have you thought anymore about homeschooling, and am I buggin by askin??

  3. twice my husband has ff through that commercial and I’m all “whoa hold the phone”..and he looks at me like “wtf” and keeps going. Finally I saw it…I don’t get it either.

    China is blackmailing the olympic committee…if they don’t give China gold they will kill the players. Very James Bond of them, isn’t it?

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