Photo Booth Fun

Oh Amanda posted a great Wordless Wednesday of an old photobooth pic of her and her brother. She asked everyone to add their old photo booth pic as well. So I thought I’d show you a couple of mine.

This is me and a couple of my BFF’s from freshman year in high school circa 93. I’m the one on the right. Our freshman class took a field trip from OKC to Dallas to visit some science museum and watch some kind of spectacular showing of a video of deep sea geysers (yawn). Why I can remember this kind of stuff and not what I had for dinner last night, is beyond me. Anyways we got to meander around the museum and found this photo booth. I think we took three rounds of pictures so we could all have a sheet.

One more just for fun…

This is Bossyboy and I last year at Cici’s celebrating my oldest’s birthday. I tried to get the other two to come and take a pic with us, yet I could never pry them away from the video games.


2 thoughts on “Photo Booth Fun

  1. YAY! I love it! Thanks for playing.

    Aren’t High School pictures the best?! I can’t believe I thought I was cute in some of my HS pics! 😉

  2. we have actually sent out pictures of the family from the chuck e cheese photo booth…
    amazingly good looking pics in which we are all crammed together…

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