A Little Bloggy Appetizier

We’re home oh sweet home. I have fodder out the wazoo and pics to prove it. Aren’t you excited? Is it odd that I literally walked in the door, crashed on the couch and kissed my high speed internet? I didn’t think so either.
I have quite the posts to posts. The famous phrase quoted through out the weekend was “That’s going in the blog.”

Right now I have to work up some energy to go to the grocery store. No more date nights for us. Then there’s that whole laundry thing.

Here is an appetizer of future blog titles to wet your appetite.

-Shake it Off Mom, It’s Only Football

-Let’s See How Many Pics We Can Take of Jean’s Deriere?

– Man Kidnaps His Sister In-Law -Film At 11

If I can get caught up on everything like unpacking, grocery shopping, feeding kids, and laundry, I hope to have a one of these tantilizing posts up tonight.


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