I’m Back From Crazy La La Hormone Land

The past couple of days have not been sunshine and rainbows. I’m not really sure what happened, but I almost thought I was going to need to be committed. I spent most of my evenings locked away in insane land on the couch with wet towels on my forhead and holding down whatever was posessing me to refrain from ripping anyone’s head off. Yes I was quite the delicate flower.

I’m back and feel so much better. I just have to know something to you oh wise interents, cause I’ve never been this hormonal and crazy during certian periods of time, if you get my drift..ahem..ahem… cough cough…Does it get worse with age? Does (whisper) birth control really help?(end whisper) I don’t need it cause I’m all tied up, that’s why I ask.

I don’t believe I’m a hundred percent cured, as this afternoon at lunch, I became posessed and told C in my most demonic voice that I needed a Dr. Pepper right now. I think my head spun in circles a few times too. He knows to just walk away.
Right now my dinner is consisting of Cheetos and chocolate raisins. We’re allowed to have the crazies every now and then right?

Today I’m off to bowl for work’s summer celebration, so maybe I’ll have some half way interesting blog fodder. Sorry guys I don’t think the “Holiday tree” will be involved.

I’m sure this is way more information than a certain reader of mine would like to know, but you know T, I warned you.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back From Crazy La La Hormone Land

  1. I have an IUD and I don’t have those 😉 Well, not often. Then once in a while a period from you know where will hit me. Not pretty.

    When that happens I try not to leave my room, so that I won’t moydolize anyone 😉 (where did I hear that? moydolize? for murder-lize, in case ya don’t get it… :-p)

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