Well Blow Me Down And Pick Me Off The Floor Twice

Today has been a fun day in a weird way.
This morning I logged on to check my e-mail before running off to work and noticed a new commenter who mentioned something about finding me on Pdub’s blog. I found this oddly interesting and hadn’t gotten a chance to check out Pioneer Woman yet and just thought they found me from the comments. No big deal.
I finally get on at work and I thought I was going to have to be pulled off the floor from shock. She actually mentioned my silly little caption for her photo contest. You know how many comments she gets on those contests? It’s un real. Anyways flattered was an understatement.
As I read along in my feed, I got to Fussy’s blog and she picked my caption for her weekly photo caption thingy. Again I had to be picked up off the floor.
I think I’ve got the blog pimp out for this week. 😉
What I always find funny about this, is when I get mentioned in some odd fashion in a big way and people come and visit..I always have some lame top post going..oh wait most of my stuff is pretty lame to begin with. Jokes on them I guess.

I do realize I’m rambling, but do you realize my bubble about burst just dying to tell you all this information?
In conclusion to today’s rambling, I have to announce right now that I JEAN of WorkingMomma247 is going to NKOTB and I have awesome seats and only paid $90 dollars for said seats!!! Woot!
So rambling is about all your gonna get for tonight.
Thanks for stopping by new visitors from all over!


5 thoughts on “Well Blow Me Down And Pick Me Off The Floor Twice

  1. I read PW all the time, and didn’t even realize that that Jean was YOU! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! But of course I doubled over laughing at yours… and the rest… and PW in general, but THAT TOTALLY ROCKS GIRL!!!

  2. Congrats to you! This is your week!
    (mine was last week amazingly enough!) And just so you know, a whole lot more than fussy liked your caption as you won the vote!
    And your top post wasn’t lame at all. I loved the story about your boy growing up to question the tooth fairy!

  3. Oh THAT’s HUGE!!!! Congrats on the link of the century!

    Also, I’m trying to go see NKOTB in St. Louis in November!!

  4. I love you even though you are a dork. NKOTB…OK I guess you aren’t a dork, I’m just old..well older than you…and I totally missed that phenom.. Let’s talk about Shaun Cassidy!! 🙂

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